Proper documentation is one of the foremost things you require while on travel or for that matter in any professional activity you are up to. Documentation, if properly maintained, can save you from quite a few problematic areas which otherwise might fetch you into a lot of unforeseen consequences. These facts are even more essential if you are the holder of one of the strongest passports in the world if not the strongest one, the US passport. Thus, it is also quite natural that the strongest passport in the world would be more prone to forgery than anything else in the planet. As such, knowledge regarding the features which protect your identity is quite essential and might help you unexpectedly. In the following part of this literature we would try to find out some of the features inherent in the US passport which saves yours from forgery and keeps you out of unwanted trouble.

1. The Radiofrequency Identification: – The RFID is one of the key features of the US passport which protects your identity from being stolen or being exposed to forgery or fraud. If you are still wondering why the back cover of your passports are so thick you would be quite amazed to know that they are flooded with microchips related to RFID and are biometric as well. Thus, in any airport which has the support to read these biometric chips you are absolutely protected and sans any headache.

2. The Hologram: – A closer look at the US passport identification page will ensure that the hologram covering your personal information is a very thin film which is not only difficult but also nearly impossible to forge. The difficulty level is up to such an extent that it is even quite difficult to train the officers regarding which one is an authentic document and which one is not. This hologram printing method was the most important identification before the inception of the RFID method.

3. Hidden ink: – The hidden ink still continues to be an important security feature of the US passport. By hidden ink what we want to suggest is ink which can be viewed only under UV. Then in the recent times the US authority has taken it a notch up by using optically variable security ink. All these can be found in the lower right hand side corner of your passport information page.

4. Other interesting security features: – There are quite a few other security features which are quite interesting as well where trickery plays a main part. Primarily the pages apart from the passport information page have security features like micro printing which is quite difficult to reproduce. Then there features like the fonts of the respective pages. Apart from all these there are quite a few anomalies in the font size and character spacing which are not quite easy to spot even.

Thus, it must be quite evident from this discussion that your US passport is quite safe to use and the chances of it being forged is absolutely minimal and people who have forged it still might get caught mainly with the introduction of the RFID along with the other essential security features which has turned it into one of the safest documents to carry.

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