Former IMF Economist concerned citizenship by investment programme
“You need to balance…benefits against the potential cost, and the potential cost is something for example happening in the US or in one of the European countries that involves…terrorism where the person that perpetuates this act is a holder of this …
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Not all sportsmen are superheroes… Trott shows he is human just like the
He was also frank about the exacting nature of life as a Test batsman, with its constant need for mental renewal after every ball and an ability not to be too hard on yourself. What could have been an awkward discussion turned … Born in Cape Town 32 …
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Grand oud man of music
Most inside this vast stadium are expecting Khalife to play the material they know and love: songs such as Oummi, Arabic Coffeepot and Jawaz-al-Safr (Passport), with its words by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, whose verses have been set to music …
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