Fixing Mistakes on Your Passport Application

Everyone makes mistakes. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the possibility that you’ll make a mistake on your passport application or that the Department of State will make a mistake transcribing the information you provide onto your new passport.


How do you fix mistakes on your passport? It depends on what type of mistake was made. The good news is that you can generally get your passport corrected without having to go through the entire passport application process again.


If your passport has a printing error, like the wrong birthday or a misspelled name, you can get it corrected for free as long as it still valid. To do so, use Form DS-5504 and send it along with a copy of a document that supports your request for correction, such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate. If it’s been more than 90 days since your passport was issued, you’ll also need to send in new photos. As long as you can afford to wait for your corrected passport, the Department of State will fix it and send it back for free. If you can’t wait out the standard 6-week processing time, paying an additional $ 60 to expedite the application should cut the time down to about 3 weeks.


If you’ve changed names since your passport was issued, the first thing you need to do it take a look at the issue date. If it was issued less than a year ago, you can also use Form DS-5504, following the procedure above.


However, if it has been more than a year, you’ll need to submit passport renewal application form DS-82 by mail. Enclose your passport, the form, 2 photos and legal documentation of the name change, along with the passport renewal fee of $ 110.

If you need to expedite, pay an additional $ 60 plus the fees for overnight shipping.




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