Culture Shock: Seeing the Thunder in Istanbul
The first thing I noticed upon my arrival to Istanbul were the incredibly long passport control lines. Ataturk …. I was informed that a taxi would cost about 40 bucks, and that the buses and subway didn't run until the morning Rush Hour was in full …
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Spencer Scarber testifies, admits to fleeing
Scarber finally testified, ten months after he was supposed to take the stand in his own defense. He said he didn't decide to leave town until the day before he did it, but he'd gotten a rush passport two months earlier and prosecutors say the story …

Leeds barber offers haircuts at 1973 prices
We didn't have too much of a rush on yesterday, it was a nice easy chill out day, but the 35p charge was much cheaper than the usual £7 that people pay, so it was a pleasant surprise and a thankyou, for many of my loyal customers. I was a bit worried …
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