COM) UNITED STATES – April 28th, 2015 – The Indian Visa Center is pleased to announce that the firm provides an Indian visa application service at nominal fees. The professionals at the IVC offer visa applications, as well as a private passport …
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Reminder: Now Is the Best Time to Renew Your Passport
Even if you don't plan to travel in the next few months, now is an ideal time to renew your passport. As Conde Nast Traveler explains, consulates are less busy in January so you can save time by renewing your passport or applying for visas. Take the …
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Free International Vacations, the Ultimate Company Perk
Betabrand covers the employee's flight and four nights at a hotel, as well as passport-renewal fees, if needed. Vacation time is also not docked on these trips, though Lindland encourages staffers to take the trip over a long weekend, so they will only …
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AT&T Passport offers a trio of one-time use international plans

AT&T Passport offers a trio of one-time use international plans
These plans are good for 30 days and expire automatically, meaning that you don't have to worry about canceling anything when you get back from your trip. If you'd prefer a recurring international plan, AT&T offers Global international packages that …
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MomFest: A Passport to Flavortown
We stumbled into that purely by accident a few years ago and found it to be outstanding, so we took my parents with us last year. This year, we decided to make another run at taking them along. It wasn't nearly as easy a negotiation as last year. Mom …
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What it's like to fly out of Ebola-ravaged Liberia
I had dropped my luggage off at the city check-in office so I wouldn't have to deal with it again until Washington D.C. I carried a blue canvas handbag crammed with wallet, laptop, two cellphones, passport, change of clothing, bleach wipes, and two …
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Child ombudsman offers US swimmer to obtain Russian passport

Child ombudsman offers US swimmer to obtain Russian passport
MOSCOW, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) — Paralympics swimming champion Jessica Long would be able to adopt a Russian orphan if she obtains Russian citizenship, presidential Children Rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said on Friday. "According to the law, a U.S. …
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On the cultural front lines in New York
In 1938, Kandinsky elected not to renew his German passport and moved to France, where he settled in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Here his palette changed yet again, and biomorphic forms with non-geometric outlines appeared in his …
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Mason spine surgeon Dr. Atiq Durrani flees the U.S., warrant issued for his arrest
A Pakistani citizen, Durrani was required to turn over his passport when he was indicted, and the U.S. Attorney didn't say how Durrani managed to slip out of the country. A judge had ordered him not to travel beyond Ohio and Kentucky. Durrani had asked …
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Culture Shock: Seeing the Thunder in Istanbul

Culture Shock: Seeing the Thunder in Istanbul
The first thing I noticed upon my arrival to Istanbul were the incredibly long passport control lines. Ataturk …. I was informed that a taxi would cost about 40 bucks, and that the buses and subway didn't run until the morning Rush Hour was in full …
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Spencer Scarber testifies, admits to fleeing
Scarber finally testified, ten months after he was supposed to take the stand in his own defense. He said he didn't decide to leave town until the day before he did it, but he'd gotten a rush passport two months earlier and prosecutors say the story …

Leeds barber offers haircuts at 1973 prices
We didn't have too much of a rush on yesterday, it was a nice easy chill out day, but the 35p charge was much cheaper than the usual £7 that people pay, so it was a pleasant surprise and a thankyou, for many of my loyal customers. I was a bit worried …
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Venezuela offers asylum to Snowden

Venezuela offers asylum to Snowden
Neither government said how long it would take to process Mr Snowden's asylum application, nor how he would travel there from Moscow. Mr Snowden's US passport has been cancelled. The two offers from Latin America came after Mr Snowden and his …
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Palestinian Passports Rejected by Citizens
While complications continue to exist, even with the presence of the Palestinian passport, some existing loopholes have facilitated the granting of visa applications. For example, Palestinians are not technically eligible for an official US visa, as …
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TSU offers quick passport deal

TSU offers quick passport deal
“Kids didn't have passports,” Rawles said. His solution was a campus passport fair on Tuesday — the first of its kind on a public college campus in Tennessee, according to university officials. Getting a passport is the biggest barrier for students …
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Passport to nowhere: Printers decline supply of passports till dues clearance
Passport crisis was all set to deepen with 90,000 laminates for passports left pending with no quick solution at hand. The Directorate General of Immigration and Passport (I&P) owes Rs406 million to Printing Security Corporation of Pakistan (PSCP …
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FP Passport: Labor unrest on Everest is older than you might think
So on April 27, when a fight erupted between three mountaineers and a group of Sherpa guides who had been tasked with fixing ropes along the mountain's steep and exposed Lhotse Face, news outlets around the world were quick to report the tale of the …
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