Calls for review of copycat websites from West Midlands MPs
Someone searching for 'passport' on Google will be offered two private companies' websites before the official government one for renewing a passport. Some websites stress that they are not affiliated with the Government in any way., …

San Francisco Consulate launches 'FAQ Friday' about services
Can I extend the validity of my passport? 3. What do I need to bring if I am renewing my passport? Replacing a lost or damaged passport? How much will it cost? 4. Is there a dress code for my passport photo? 5. How long does it take to renew my …

'Successful' mobile consular service concludes on Saipan
“This is requirement by Department of Foreign Affairs that by November 2014 all that we should be using are already electronic passports. We also made extension of passports for the purpose of renewing their CW permits and similar needs up to October …
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