Why We Love to Loathe Manhattans Upper East Side: From F. Scott Fitzgerald to

Why We Love to Loathe Manhattans Upper East Side: From F. Scott Fitzgerald to
While NYC Prep's token public schooler Taylor DiGiovanni never cited classic literature, her story is an extension of Nick's: outsider fantasizes about entering the world of the elite, admires their designer labels and lavish circumstances, but is …
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June in Rochester: One of the soggiest ever
This soggy month is now among the top 10 wettest Junes in Rochester history. As of 10 p.m. on the month's final day, the rainfall total stood at 6.23 inches, more than double our normal June ration. That makes this June the 10th rainiest on record in …
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Police ID men shot in NE Rochester
Police say someone shot a 20-year-old city man early Monday near a Portland Avenue gas station. The shooting occurred just after 2:30 a.m. about two blocks from the northeast Rochester site where Rashod "Shoddi" Lewis was shot to death last Monday.
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From the publisher

From the publisher
But since we're in El Paso and have access to one of the 28 regional passport agencies around the country, you can actually get it in less than eight days if you make an appointment Downtown and go in person to the El Paso Passport Agency in the Mills …
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Detained Al-Jazeera journalist to remain in German custody
The lawyer had filed a complaint saying he had been held in a tourist agency office overlooking Tahrir square at the height of protests against former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Video footage of the incident aired by local media shows the lawyer …
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BlackBerry OS from Passport Leaked for BlackBerry 10 Devices

BlackBerry OS from Passport Leaked for BlackBerry 10 Devices
The leaked BlackBerry OS version is now available for all devices running the BlackBerry 10 software. Canadian wireless communications company Rogers leads the list when it comes to software update for the flagship BlackBerry Passport.
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Dubai government to introduce automated passport control with facial and iris
“This exhibition is a national event and part of the government initiative to achieve competitiveness on a global level and strengthening Dubai's role among developed cities in the world,” said Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of …
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Stories from the Death Boats of the Mediterranean

Stories from the Death Boats of the Mediterranean
The 30-year-old had to find a country of refuge because of the war in his home country. His passport and visa for UAE were about to run out and there was no way of renewing it through Syrian authorities. He knew he would have to go back to Syria but he …
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Syria mission stops renewal of passports
Khoja told reporters and Syrian media activists in Istanbul that only Qatar had recognised the validity extension stickers the Syrian embassy in Doha was putting on expired Syrian passports. “This means that the holders of these passports could not …
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Hongkongers caught in UK passport renewal chaos fork out HK.3m
A UK emergency passportBritain's cash-strapped government has made more than HK$ 1.3 million from Hong Kong residents seeking emergency passports amid a massive backlog in renewals, the Sunday Morning Post has discovered. A request under …
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Free passport photos from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3 at Union County Clerk's Offices in

Free passport photos from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3 at Union County Clerk's Offices in
“Some countries require passports to be valid for an additional three to six months after your visit,” Rajoppi added. “If your passport is due to expire within six months of your international travel, you should renew your passport to ensure a smoother …
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Latest from Iran

Latest from Iran
Under the laws, those seeking care may be asked to show their passport before they receive medical help. Those who are seeking care for the first time may be asked about their living situation in Britain and how long … Accident & Emergency (A&E) and …
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Travel agencies can help plan perfect vacations
In the case of an emergency at home or at sea, Waynick can also help facilitate long distance or ship-to-shore communication. “I am responsible for knowing all the rules and … A passport is needed for international travel or a cruise that embarks in …
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Interpol issues 'red corner' notice against BNP leader Tarique Rahman
His Bangladesh passport is no longer valid and has not been renewed — so he lives in London as a refugee, reliable sources in London and Dhaka indicate. The Interpol 'most wanted' list has carried Tarique's picture with details, saying Bangladesh is …
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BlackBerry Offering Up to $550 to Switch From iPhone

BlackBerry Offering Up to 0 to Switch From iPhone
You'll receive the funds on a Visa Prepaid Card after sending in a qualifying iPhone with a valid proof of purchase of a BlackBerry Passport. Here's the catch: the amount you'll get back is based on the condition and model of your iPhone. So, to get …
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9 business-travel tips that will make life on the road in 2015 a lot easier
So if your passport expires in the second half of 2015, start the renewal process now so you won't get caught short. And do a physical reconnoiter of your passport, too. If you think you'll visit countries in 2015 that require a visa, you'll need at …
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If your name's not Icelandic you're not coming in: Reykjavik refuses to renew
A British-born man and his wife have been told by authorities in Iceland they will not renew their 10-year-old daughter's passport on the grounds that she is called Harriet – which is not on a government approved list of names. Tristan Cardew and his …
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RCMP disrupt 'ISIS-associated' network, one recruit may have been from Calgary

RCMP disrupt 'ISIS-associated' network, one recruit may have been from Calgary
To prevent them from leaving, the RCMP has been heading an inter-agency High Risk Travellers program that attempts to identify extremists and prevent them from leaving Canada by seizing their passports or putting them on no-fly lists. Public Safety …
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Rethinking Fortress Europe
Most migrants set out from Libya, which has emerged as the center of a multi-million-dollar human-trafficking industry. Until recently, most migrants setting out for Italy made the crossing on small vessels. But, in a new twist, Italian authorities at …
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Coalscam: Passport authority can't sit over matters, says court
"I am constrained to remind the concerned passport authorities that in all such cases they are duty bound to proceed further in the matter as per law i.e. either to proceed to impound the passport or not to impound it. They however cannot simply sit …
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