The security is the main concern while we are discussing passports. The situation is even more serious if the passport in question is the strongest passport in the world, the US passport. As such, it is quite obvious if the concerned department looks after the strengthening of the security features as well as the sustainability of the document in making it safer both for the one who possesses it and also for the sake of the country as a forged passport might lead the entire country into turmoil. Thus it is important for all of us to know a bit or two regarding the latest updates in relation to the passport.

From now on, the passports can both be renewed and acquired through mail or even in person. The website provided for this purpose is basically an online information sheet which provides the government and also the concerned authority with a lot of data which would be safe for them to possess. Then there are locations which vary according to the need of the people as well as their reasons. This helps the people secure their passports earlier than ever before.

The work as we have already mentioned gets done in accordance to the need of the applicant. For example, if the matter is an expedited one, the passport office takes it for granted that it is a case of instant run. Like the problems regarding life and death, in either of these cases, the passport is issued instantly. In other cases, the urgent services would require a short notice which would further mean that the passport reaches the applicant by 3 weeks. Finally there would be the standard service which would cost you 3-6 weeks at the most. The money you would have to spend is always proportionate to the kind of service you have opted for. The more expedited the service, the more it would cost you for obvious reasons.

But the main update is the fact that the concerned department of USA has decided to the new “The Real ID Act” safety design which is going to make this passport safer than ever. This new 52 pages document would carry different identification aspects which would obviously ensure its safety and save your passport from being prone to fraud and mishandling. The passport book would, from now on, contain an embedded chip for the safety as well as security of your ID. Apart from this, the ink marks on your id, the logo containing a special material which would make your passport absolutely impossible to fraud and then the concentrated pages and also a clearer picture which used to be the nightmare for most has been sorted out as problems. Then the fonts which are different on different pages would certainly make your passport a document which would be impossible to fraud and as such your international ID is as safe as it ever was from the time of its inception.

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