On air travel has become an essential part and parcel of one’s life off late. With the rise in the number of multinational and trans-national companies, the requirement for travel has gone up leaps and bounds over the last decade. People have been traveling to different parts of the world with different types of professional bindings. What these companies have even managed to do is to embitter the economic conditions of its employees which have further allowed them to make frequent foreign trips during the vacations. As such, the traffic towards the foreign countries has been increasing with every passing day. The aviation industry has been reaping in the benefits of this globalization. But there are still many a confusion prevailing from a passengers’ point of view in relation to the airlines, flights as well as the travel on board. Through this discourse, we would try to clarify a few common doubts and also educate the passengers through certain facts which were this far unknown to most.

1. Hole in the airplane window: – Many of us might have been quite terrified to say the least on seeing a hole in the window of the aircraft on which we had made our first travel. You would definitely be relieved to know that it was not an error but it was rather an essential aspect to keep the air pressure of the cabin intact.

2. Bad taste of the food: – Nearly all the travelers would agree to the fact that the food provided by the airlines taste quite bad. But we need to keep in mind that it might not be the fault related to the quality of the food which has been served. It is mostly due to the fact that the food needs to be chilled in order to preserve it for long periods of time.

3. The safest seats: – There might be a never ending dilemma regarding which are the safest seats in an aircraft. As per the views of the specialists, the seats in the hind side of the aeroplane are the safest as in most of the cases during a crash; people who were saved had reservations towards the back end of the plane.

4. The lights dim before landing: – This has a serious security reason behind it. The lights dim before landing so as to adjust our eyes to the low light because if any problem arises during the descent or landing of the aircraft, your eyes are already adjusted to the low light and it would be easier for you to evacuate.

5. Flying in lightning: – Flying during lightning nearly causes most of us heart attacks. But don’t worry, the metal by which the planes are built are secure enough to protect the airplanes as well as its passengers. Apart from that the planes are secured with lightning protection system which fights light build-ups.

As such, flying in an aircraft is not as insecure as many of us still think. There might be a few drawbacks, but we need to keep in mind that the airlines mostly provide us with the best resources which are available thousands of feet above the sea level.

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