Will I Vote? Maybe in 2017

Will I Vote? Maybe in 2017
The EU is our biggest trading partner and membership enables us to punch above our weight in a fiercely competitive global economy, according to the pro camp. We have surrendered our sovereignty to Brussels which writes most of … I can apply for a …
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Passport Service changed gender on 25 passports in 2014
… Passport Act, which allows “Irish citizens, who have undergone, or are undergoing, treatment or procedures or both to alter the applicant's sexual characteristics and physical appearance to those of the opposite sex” to apply to have a passport …
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'Cremated' businessman is very much alive – and facing M in fake death scam
Two months later, he used that identification to apply for a U.S. passport, according to a federal criminal complaint cited by the AP. The passport application caught the attention of the State Department because the postal worker had applied for his …
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