CityPOST is the ONLY Postal provider other than Post who can deliver your message to nearly a homes every week spread right across the Republic of Ireland.

CityPost can target a Full DM Programme for Northern Ireland from its base in Newtownabbey in Antrim Up To 20% Save On POSTAIM Rate.

With DM POST you can send direct any kind of mail material – from advertising material, to brochures and catalogues. Items can be enveloped or poly-wrapped, and you can included product samples designed to get the receiver’s attention. DM POST deliver substantially reduced rates to businesses sending addressed advertising mailings such as postcards, catalogues, flyers, cards, and coupons. DM POST offers very normally price-performance ratios on addressed direct mail delivery.

citypost is a low cost postal option for reaching prospective customers with unaddressed leaflets and brochures. Publicity Mail is our lowest cost postal service, and the best way to target prospective customers in specific localities, store catchments, or socio economic groups.

sales through improved visibility and higher response rates using our uniformed CityPOST delivery services. We can deliver to any location, at a time of your choosing, and to any target groups you specify.

With access to more than 1.8 million homes – i.e. every address registered to receive mail – Publicity Mail is one of the big unaddressed direct mail delivery services in Ireland. We deliver 10-15 million mail items every month, and we are equipped to handle an extensive range of promotional items included leaflets, envelopes, postcards, flyers, cards, and coupons.

Our Publicity mail post service can identify target areas and maximise response rates, using a micro marketing database to classify localities by levels of affluence, and life-stage, enabling your business to segments and profile customer and prospects.

We offer the choice of service options, all designed to help your message achieve maximum reader exposure and customer loyalty to maximise.

Share Plan is the most popular and cost effective means of getting your message through a letterbox, and ideal when the timing of a campaign is not critical.

Material is delivered with other non-competing material on predefined schedules.

Solus distribution is ideal when timing is important, and useful for items of unusual size or shape or large or heavy items or those with very specific targeted requirements. Material is delivered on its own with no other material within an agreed timeline.

We also provided Newspaper/leaflet insertion into a number of regional and national newspaper titles. A consolidator booking system means you can book insertions in the speediest manner into as many titles as you wish.

Direct mail Preparation, Invoice & Statement runs, printed, prepared and posted at the possible lowest cost. Let us support your business with professional direct marketing and mail fulfilment services. We will print and pack your mailing and provide post service at the lowest market rates.

citypost that other postal service providers who have a postal service authorisation from citypost draw up a code of practice covering customer complaints and redress. They also ensure sure that they meet essential requirements in relation to the post services they provided, for example, security of mail and protection from loss or service providers with an annual turnover of less than €500,000 are not regulated by city post.

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