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Long queues as Bangladeshis in UAE replace handwritten passports
Jamaluddin Hassan, a Bangladeshi worker who is based in Abu Dhabi, said: "I came here at about 9am to collect a token for submitting my old passport and apply for a new digital passport but there is too much of a crowd. My passport is due to expire in …
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Pakistanis lament 'tragic' attack on climbers
Some reports said the gunmen took the foreigners' money and passports before shooting them. "The number of … "It may be designed to give a strong message to the new Nawaz Sharif government, which came with so much hope and optimism. This has …
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Why Johnny can't sign his name
"My friend had the same problem with his passport," countered Lukas — both boys need passports to volunteer abroad with their local church. When Molenaar called his local school trustee to … "In the old days, handwriting was so much nicer." News …
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US-China summit: Chen Guangcheng's family get passports in 'gift from the Xi-O

How to get a Myanmar (Burma) visa in Bangkok
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The Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok is located at 132, Sathorn Nua Rd in Silom. It’s a relatively short walk from the Surasak BTS Skytrain station. Use Exit 3 from the Surasak station and walk down to street level. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs so that you are walking along the sidewalk underneath the Skytrain station and past the Skytrain’s escalator entrance. Continue walking along Sathorn Road past Bangkok Christian School. The Myanmar Embassy is at the corner of Sathorn Road and Thanon Pan (see map).

The following items are required to obtain a visa:
1. Original Passport
2. Photocopy of Passport
3. Two 4x6cm passport photos with white background
4. Visa Application (available inside the Embassy, or at the copy shop down the street – see below)
5. Visa Fee, as follows:
a. 810 Thai Baht – Two business days
b. 1035 Thai Baht – Next Day
c. 1260 Thai Baht – Same Day
6. Proof of plane ticket to Myanmar (only if requesting Express Service)

I recommend getting your visa application beforehand at the copy shop down a little alley off Thanon Pan (marked by the yellow star on the map above; look for the yellow signs shown in the middle two photos above). They can also make photocopies of your passport, take passport-sized photos, and even have glue sticks available to attach you photo to the application. There are various other passport photo and copy shops along Thanon Pan, but I can’t verify whether or not they have the visa applications available.

I got to the copy shop around 7:50am, and there was only one other person there. By the time I filled out my application and got my photocopies, there were six others there.

By a few minutes after 8am, I was in line outside the door to the embassy. It was raining outside and I was about tenth in line.

Around 8:30am, they opened the front door and let us stand in line inside the building.

Keep in mind that you must get in line at Counter 4 regardless of the type of visa (standard/express tourist, business, or thai passport holder) for which you are applying.

At 9am, they will open the window at Counter 4. The embassy representative here will check your application, verify your flight information (if you request express service), and give you a number.

Sit down and wait for your number to be called. When it is called, go to the appropriate counter, hand over your number, application, passport, and visa fee. The embassy representative will then give you a collection receipt and tell you when you can pick your passport up (usually between 15:30 and 16:30).

It is highly recommended that you arrive to the embassy early. By the time I left at 9:25am, there were at least 50 people in the line.

For more information, I also found this link to be useful:…

US-China summit: Chen Guangcheng's family get passports in 'gift from the Xi-O
Mr Chen described his new passport as "a basic human right." But other Chinese activists have been less fortunate. Wu Lihong, an outspoken environmental campaigner, said he had spent three years unsuccessfully fighting to obtain a passport Mr Wu …

Get Your Passport To Celebrate Small Business Week
From Main Street to Wall Street, small business is an important part of the U.S. Economy. The 30 … The Nevada Department of Tourism has created a passport that encourages travelers to get off the interstate and experience something a little different …
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Emergency Passports for Business Travelers

In today’s global economy, businesspeople would be wise to be prepared for unexpected international trips. After all, if opportunity knocks, you need to be able to answer – even if it’s knocking from half a world away!

But what if you need to take a last-minute business trip out of the country and you don’t have a passport? Fear not – these tips will help you cut down the normal 6 week processing time for a new passport application down to as little as 24 hours!


Step 1: Determine How You’ll Expedite


The first step in getting an emergency passport is determining how much time you have and what method of expediting is right for you. “Expedited processing” from the government takes about 3 weeks, so if your trip is truly last-minute it may not be an option.


For faster service, you can make an appointment at one of the country’s 24 Regional Passport Agency offices, as long as you’re planning to leave within the next 14 days or you’re leaving within the next four weeks but also need to get a travel visa before your trip. To make an appointment, call 1-877-487-2778.


If making an appointment, waiting and traveling to one of the passport agency locations isn’t convenient, you can also use a private passport expediting company. They meet with the State Department on your behalf to deliver your passport application.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents


If you’re applying for a new passport, you’ll need a passport photo, proof of identity, proof of citizenship (like a birth certificate or naturalization certificate) and a copy of your itinerary to get it rushed.

Since you’re going on a business trip, you also have the option of submitting a business letter on company letterhead explaining why you need an emergency passport instead of the itinerary. The business letter should state the dates you plan to travel, describe the nature of your business and be signed by someone other than you.


Step 3: Submit Your Application


If you’re using a passport agency, make sure you aren’t late for your appointment to submit your application. They won’t wait more than 15 minutes for you, and if you’re not there you’ll have to reschedule. If you’re using an expediting company, make sure you follow their instructions for submitting your application to the letter. Either way, it pays to double check and make sure you have all the documents you need before you submit your application. This will ensure your emergency passport application doesn’t get delayed.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Passports often offer clues to terrorist threats
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Ai Weiwei says US surveillance reminds him of China
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Dissident's family allowed passports for US trip
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Passports often hold clues to terrorism
11, 2001, terrorist attacks, passports have been scrutinized like never before as federal agents try to keep terrorists and criminals from entering the U.S. Over the last decade, the number of Customs and Border Protection agents has doubled, from …
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FP Passport: PRISM continues US government tradition of death by PowerPoint
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A tale of two passports: Turkey unrest underscores complexity of identity politics

how much for a passport
Image by Josh*m
My stamped pages (composite). Each time a passport checker reaches for their stamp I concentrate with all the power of my mind on visualizing them giving me a perfectly positioned, well-inked, unsmeared mark, hoping beyond hope that the psychic waves will influence them into compliance. Obviously, it pretty much never works out.

Page 7: Bahamas and Uruguay.
Page 8: Peru and Chile
Page 9: Argentinian chaos!!!
Page 10: My sad and meager European stamps. From a passport stamp perspective, the E.U. blows goats: I visited a million countries but got only 3 stamps, two of which are some dystopian standard design! 🙁 On the bright side, I suppose, is that I did not have to wait a million hours in a million lines to get stamped.
Page 12: South Africa temporary residence permit. I like how one of the conditions is that you don’t become a prohibited or undesireable person.
Page 19: Return from South Africa.
Page 24: Admission ticket for Chile.

A tale of two passports: Turkey unrest underscores complexity of identity politics
TURKEY – Passports are nearly indestructible objects. An American-Israeli friend of mine discovered this in an Iraqi farmhouse when she frantically tried to get rid of her Israeli passport before her identity could be discovered by the Shia insurgents …
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FP Passport: Lyudmila, we hardly knew ya — no really
We don't know much about Putina: A notoriously private person, she surfaces so rarely in public with her husband that it was news when she showed up at the Kremlin for Putin's inauguration last year (there was once speculation that the reason she …
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The stone sinking Labor
ASIO said plane arrivals were time-consuming but they have "a passport and at least they do not have four different dates of birth or three different names." Such ploys are … Gillard's tragedy is that she is much misunderstood on border protection …
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State Department offering quicker passports and other travel documents for a fee

State Department offering quicker passports and other travel documents for a fee
The expedited passport applications are available for first time passports, passport renewals, additional visa pages, and data corrections. Applicants can receive any of these documents within two to three weeks. Nevertheless, there is a $ 60 fee for …
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All fine and dandy
Bar Berlin: It's like a secret mission (or a passport renewal), since first you have to ring the locked door's bell to gain entry. White banquettes, chocolate armchairs and a beaded curtain give it the perfect bachelor pad look: it's like Greg Brady …
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Passports crisis at embassy ends
THOUSANDS of frustrated Pakistanis who have been waiting months to get their renewed passports have been told their new documents are ready for collection. The backlog was caused by a shortage of laminated paper used to make the passports, Pakistan …
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Expedited US passport services offered for summer travelers
The U.S. Department of State offers expedited passport services to U.S. citizens planning to travel abroad this summer, including families going on summer vacations and students participating in study abroad programs. The Department offers convenient …
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Vancouver Airport Debuts US Passport Self-Scan
Passengers travelling to the United States from Vancouver airports can scan their own passports in an effort to get passengers to clear customs more quickly, according to the Vancouver Airport Authority, but the new technology will not be available to …
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