Say It: 1.7 Million Dominicans in U.S. Are Complicit in Atrocities Happening
It's guilt by association if you were either born in the D.R. or to Dominican parents in the U.S. There are only about 10 million Dominicans in the whole world; guilt by association is essentially our original sin. The Dominican government is making …
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Life lessons learned in a Home Affairs queue
… bad as that woman who stands behind you in the queue saying “Typical! Welcome to South Africa!” even though it's pretty obvious that we've all already been in South Africa a considerable time. Why is she welcoming us? Does she think this is …
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US: application confusion could stymie admission for foreign students
Problems arise when the application asks a student to enter their name as students can be confused by other terminology such as “full name”, “surname” or “family names” used on different documents like test results or passports. The terms could also …
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