North Carolina Voter ID Bill Passes In State's GOP-Dominated House
Despite records showing only a handful of documented cases of in-person voter fraud prosecuted in the state over the last decade out of 30 million ballots cast, Republicans compared the state's elections to the notoriously tainted races in 1960s …
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Tips to keep unexpected health issues from throwing your overseas vacation off
WASHINGTON (AP) – An international vacation typically involves months of advance planning, from renewing passports to finding flights and booking hotels. But even the most carefully planned itinerary can be knocked off course by an unexpected health …
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Report: Snowden planning to stay in Russia, given documents to leave airport
Since arriving from Hong Kong a month ago, Snowden had been unable to pass through customs because the United States government has revoked his passport in their attempts to punish him for making the extent of the NSA's surveillance programs public.
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