“Help me gain my freedom”: ex-immigration chief's passport held in stalled
The Anti-Corruption Commission ordered a halt to the project, claiming it would cost the Maldives US$ 162 million in potential lost revenue over the lifetime of the contract. The ACC filed for an injunction and the Supreme Court in 2013 ruled the …
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Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World
Majority of immigrants will think that a U.S passport can give them the most number of access to different countries, but this is not the reality as of now. USA, though being in … Surprisingly, USA allows its bearer to visit only 172 countries with a …
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US army wives: the most sought-after surrogates in the world
She hopes to use her fee for a deposit on a house with a garden for her son to play in. … Happily, the fate of “stateless” surrogate children isn't a risk in America, where surrogate-born babies are entitled to a US passport, enabling them to travel …
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