Despite being born in India, Chinese-origin people stateless
“The people who are born before 1947 and have a British passport and the ones born in China, mostly in south China, and hold a Chinese passport and a third category,” explained Mr law. The third category was explained by … “There are about hundred of …
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Union County Clerk announces free passport photos available on Passport Day
"Some countries require passports to be valid for up to nine months after you arrive, so to be on the safe side always renew your passport beforehand if it will expire within nine months," said Rajoppi. Passport information is available by phone from …

La. air travelers could be turned away in 2016
Louisiana air travelers could be grounded in 2016 if they don't have a U.S. passport unless the state receives another extension allowing passengers to use Louisiana driver's licenses as valid identification even though they aren't compliant with …
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