Tension as Russia issues veiled threat to Ukraine
Russia's foreign minister yesterday promised a firm response if its citizens or interests come under attack in Ukraine – after Ukraine announced a renewal of its “anti-terrorist” campaign against those occupying buildings in its troubled east. Russian …
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Springing for Japan's blossoms
Across Tokyo, the gorgeous early foliage of the plum trees is fading and being replaced by the ubiquitous cherry and locals are once again celebrating the earth's renewal in this most fascinating of cities. Three years following the earthquake …
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Face Off: Season Seven Renewal for Syfy Series
NEW YORK – April 18, 2014 – After a bold and extreme season of competition, three artists remain in the fight for the title of season 6 Face Off champion – George Schminky of Walnut Creek, CA by way of Puerto Rico; Rashaad Santiago of Bronx, NY; and …
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