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While claiming there was a 37 minute average wait time on their website and demonstrating through some nifty charts and graphs the average weekly volume, I headed over at 11:45 to the passport office to put in my renewal.

11:45 – arrive, get in "reception" line where I’m issued a number
11:49 – receive number for waiting, decide to head downstairs for lunch (calculated risk) – they were at #A75 and I had #A99. So at least 24 people ahead of me.
12:15 – come back nervous that they had passed me by. Instead, they were at #A82. They’d done 7 people in roughly 20 minutes…
12:45 – #A85, stil 14 to go. Decide to leave, do some errands, and come back. Only 1/3 of all total wickets are open
1:15 – come back, now at #A95. They’ve picked up the pace
1:40 – #A97 isn’t there! Yes. Move ahead one spot
1:45 – #A99 – I feel like screaming "Bingo!"
1:50 – papers handed over, watch clerk type, pay my , passport will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Total time: 2 hours, 5 minutes.

Website avg wait time: 37 minutes.

Not sure how they’re calculating this. But don’t trust the website. Which is a shame, because it would be nice if it worked properly.

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