No 'Last Supper' for EU Armsmakers Amid National Blinders
In contrast with the U.S., the defense cutbacks haven't spurred two types of mergers that would make sense for a continent of 500 million people with a common market and largely passport-free travel across national borders: the merger of armies, navies …
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Online passports reach 125000 in first year
The Passports Online Renewal Service is a great example of what we can achieve with successful IT projects,” says Mr Tremain. “The online passport renewal service has saved New Zealanders almost $ 4 million in passport fees in 12 months. We are the …
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ASK TONY: What has happened to my £12500 lost in an Indian bank?
I have sent ICICI an original death certificate and a copy of my husband's will, as well as a certified copy of my passport. I have telephoned numerous times. These calls are … I was surprised by your letter because the cost of insurance is supposed …
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