OnStar Joins Fastest Mobile Networks
Our Fastest Mobile Networks cars are on the road this week, collecting 3G and 4G speed and coverage data all around the country. This year, we have an extra connection in all three of our cars that we're looking forward to testing: OnStar 4G LTE.
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Talk about Travel
We're in Chicago, and traveling to Venice in November for a cruise, and am intrigued but skeptical about the $ 700 RT flight on Turkish Air, with an overnight stop in Istanbul. (Other airlines are $ 1150-1300.) Online reviews are really hit or miss with …
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Lindsey Graham on Iran's Nuclear Program
Four thousand foreign passport holders intermingled with ISIL, and growing, an existential threat to the state of Israel. And our response is to disarm and reduce our capabilities in a variety of ways to defend our values and our nation. If there were …
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