Diplomatic passport trafficking in Congo-Brazzaville
As proof, the newspaper printed reproductions of the forms filled in by people obtaining a diplomatic passport, forms that FRANCE 24 has since obtained copies of. In the line marked 'profession', many of the forms contain the job description “chargé de …
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Postal Annex+ Provides Quick Passport Photos
Along with quickly taking your passport photos they will also provide you with important information including the necessary forms for passport renewal or first time applications. After receiving your photos and forms from Postal Annex+, you can then …
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Regional Offices Start Issuing Passports
Those who want to get passports can access the premises using the new entrance, which is now on Old Port Bell Road. This is where the passport application forms are now being issued out. The main entrance on Jinja Road remains for the VIPs. It is now …
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