'Our Girls'; WSoyinka@80; NSNC: Urgent increase life of driving licence to 5
This is especially important because of the managerial stress experienced in obtaining the new licence needing renewal in three years. Shame. Nigerians must value their time and fight anything which can be streamlined by extending the life of any …
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Advice to the 'suspended status' voters of Kansas
Obtaining a passport is expensive. Not everybody has the skills to digitally photograph a document and email it to the elections office. The worst part is there is no good reason for all of this trouble. Claims of voter fraud put forth by Kobach and …
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How to Store Important Documents on Your iPhone
You can use it to store software license keys, loyalty card numbers, license plate numbers, a copy of your passport, bank account information, car registration information, and more. It can also store basic information as well, including contact …
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