Edward Snowden's new media mouthpiece
He said he was "transiting through Russia" and wanted to go to somewhere else "via Havana," but that his passport was cancelled by the U.S. State Department. In Snowden's world, the U.S. was obligated to facilitate his travel to another country of his …
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13 States Still Not Prepared for Real ID
They all have extensions through October and can renew those extensions. Soon after Real ID became law, 17 states passed laws restricting or banning its implementation within their borders, according to … the Obama administration—at the earliest …
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Deconstructing American Marxism
All effective [despotic] actions require the passport of morality." Saul Alinsky Ultimately Marxism demands that truth must unnaturally equal untruth by means of Orwellian "Newspeak" and "Doublethink," or through the "Big Lie," and in the end …
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