Cuba's Bay of Fat Cats
Thankfully, the woman who took my passport reappears about 20 minutes later. She hands me a … He drops us off at the mouth of Plaza de San Francisco de Asis in Old Havana, and before we walk 15 feet, half a dozen taxistas converge on us. Need a ride?
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Half a century ago, she journeyed into the Tanzanian jungle to change how the
Jane Goodall was already on a London dock in March 1957 when she realized that her passport was missing. In just a few hours, she was due to depart on her first trip to Africa. A school friend had moved to a farm outside Nairobi and, knowing Goodall's …
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Inside the shadowy world of birth tourism at 'maternity hotels'
For wealthy foreign women, the facilities offer the promise of a comfortable, worry-free vacation complete with a major perk: a U.S. passport for their newborn. One such maternity hotel in New York resembled a nursery: Newborn babies rested in a row of …
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Venezuela to Require Visas for US Travelers
A resolution published in the Official Gazette eliminates the United States from a list of 65 countries exempt from tourist visa requirements, and instructs U.S. passport holders to comply with "established legal norms" to obtain visas. Maduro said …
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