Clerks warn of trouble with current NY driver's licenses
ALBANY – County clerks in New York are raising concerns that travelers may face difficulty next year boarding airplanes because New York driver's licenses are not compliant with federal standards. In 2005, Congress … Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs …
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Worth a Click: 9 Stories You Should Read Today
The New York Islanders are set to play their first game of the 2015-2016 NHL season at their new Barclays Center home on Oct. 9. That means a lot of adjustments, including figuring out how to get to Brooklyn instead of Nassau Coliseum on Long Island.
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Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands Introduce Border Controls
The Schengen Agreement, which guarantees passport-free movement within much of continental Europe, has been a cornerstone of European unity, along with the euro and a single market. Countries in the Schengen zone are allowed, however, …
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Why Russians Hate America. Again.
Oligarchs had always had exit ramps — a house in London and a second passport — but now my own friends were looking for escape routes. Intellectuals pointed me to books on Berlin in the 1920s and the concept of “ressentiment,'' a philosophical term …
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