Antigua and Barbuda joins SKN and Dominica in selling Passports
Modelling its CIP after that of St. Kitts and Nevis, investors applying for Antiguan citizenship by investment are required to make a US$ 250 000 contribution to the country's National Development Fund or make a US$ 400 000 real estate investment in …

Seaman Guard probe reveals shocking facts
The ship was well within India's territorial waters as well as historical waters, which essentially imply that all the laws of the land apply to the ship. This is unlike the case of the Italian … "None among the 21 armed guards of foreign origin had …
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Shutdown ends, Biola unaffected
When the United States House of Representatives could not pass an annual budget by Oct. 1 because of tension over the inclusion of Obama's healthcare plan, the federal government was forced to shut down, as reported by USA Today. The government …
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