Amos Oz has a recipe for saving Israel
If a similar proposal had been put to us in the days of Prime Ministers David Ben-Gurion and Levi Eshkol, in the period of the noes of the Arab summit meeting at Khartoum – almost all of us would have gone out to dance in the streets. ….. when I was …
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New Venezuelan visa rules are leaving travelers confused, stranded
While some airlines are requiring U.S. passport holders to have a visa, others will allow U.S. citizens who were born in Venezuela to travel with an expired Venezuelan passport if they have an unexpired U.S. passport, Kostencki said. “In theory under …

New system to alert aiport officials about wanted people before arrival
“These are the majority of cases we are finding in API such as cheque bounces or changing passport and using new passport. You can no longer change the passport and enter the UAE. The new system has really benefited us,” she said on the sidelines of …
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