5 Hotspot Travel Destinations You Will Love to Be in 2015

Vacations are knocking at the door and we have started to pack our bags to move towards a possible holiday destination. After a day of hard work, to break away from the myths of life temporarily we desperately need a break and winter vacations are the ideal ice-breaker.

So if you have decided to split from your office desk for the time being, yet gasp which vacation spot can help you relax the senses, then have a look at these hotspot destinations –

Beaches – Hawaiian Islands

The dream destination for the families and the resorts of Hawaii offer ultimate relaxation and comfort. It is time to enjoy that sunshine on your face, powder-white sand between your toes, warm water all around and not a sight of the cloud. Discover the unique beach vacation with snorkeling, deep-sea diving, surfing, sailing, and kayaking if you love to embrace the sea. However, if you are a land lover rest in a lounge in the beachside cabana, with a cocktail to sip and a gentle body massage.

City – New Zealand

New Zealand is the buzzword in the travel industry and people have started it to consider as the dream destination this vacation. It is a region geographically isolated with relatively untouched wilderness. For the movie buffs, the place is going to restore great attraction as movies like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit contributed a lot to make the destination a popular pick.

Forest – South African Safari

If you want to experience something adventurous, then take a safari ride this year. And the place for a safari is no doubt South Africa. The place welcomes visitors from all over the world to their unique country to watch best wildlife safaris on offer. However, rest assured you would have a strong chance of seeing the Big Five (Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lion, and Leopard).

Desert – Atacama Desert

This place will leave you in awe. This year, in the beginning it has snowed a lot at this place. Yes, a desert that receives snowfall. This is the world’s driest desert and the abode of thousand of cactus variety salt flats, geysers etc.

Historical – Guatemala

A colorful colonial era township with thrilling landscapes and mysterious ruins welcomes you to Guatemala in this vacation. Take a climb up the Pacaya Volcano, or head onto the mountains and villages where you can find locals wearing traditional garb. If you are an amateur archaeologist take a quick flight towards the north to visit the Mayan city of Tikal. You will find one of the most enchanting markets of Central America and watch vendors from surrounding villages transform the sleepy square into a bustling bazaar.

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