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With services now being offered in central Florida, you can obtain your expedited passport for Kissimmee Residents locally instead of driving to Miami. We are conveniently located near the Orange County Clerk of Courts in Downtown Orlando. Get same day service if needed with proof of travel. Walk-ins are welcome!

If you need an expedited passport in Kissimmee but are not traveling soon you can apply at the following locations. The Process for expedited passports takes 10-13 weeks.

Local 10-13 Week Processing Offices Address Phone
Osceola County Clerk of Court 2 Courthhouse SQ Kissimmee, FL 34741 (407) 742-3530
South Creek Post Office 1701 West Wetherbee Road Orlando, FL 32837 (407) 855-6558
Sand Lake Branch Post Office 10450 Turkey Lake RD Orlando, FL 32819 (407) 351-0613
Dixie Village Station Post Office 2860 Delaney Ave Orlando, FL 32806 (407) 425-2868
Orange County Clerk of Court - Orange County Courthouse 425 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 836-2000
Downtown Orlando Post Office 51 E Jefferson St Orlando St Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 423-3709
Orlando Mowu Post Office 10401 Post Office Boulevard Orlando, FL 32862 (407) 850-6334
Herndon Post Office 821 Herndon Ave Orlando, FL 32814 (407) 897-3469
Haines City Post Office 1051 State Road 544 E Haines City, FL 33844 (863) 422-2901
Orange County Clerk of Court 475 Story RD Ocoee, FL 34761 (407) 836-2007

Expedited Same

Day Service

The Passport Office

501 N Magnolia Ave Suite A-09 C

Orlando, FL 32801


Expediting Passport Requirements

  • Passport applications must accompany proof of citizenship in the form of birth certificate or naturalization certificate. Birth certificates can be obtained at vitalchek.com and naturalization certificates can be obtained at uscis.gov
  • Proof of identity in the form of drivers license or state ID.
  • One passport photo is needed which can be obtained in our office, Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.
  • Proof of travel is needed click here to see a list of examples. Proof of travel click here

Once all the necessary documents have been gathered you can apply online, in person by walking in, or by making an appointment with The Passport Office of Orlando.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the expedited passport process as convenient and easy for travelers going abroad. Whether you need an expedited passport in Kissimmee locally or need to apply online we walk you through the process step by step ensuring you receive your passport in time for your travel. We offer in person appointments or virtual appointments depending on your individual needs. Call now to get your passport process started by our friendly staff.

Since the expedited passport process can be complex, we advise you to give us a call to review the requirements before your visit or you can follow this link to see the list of requirements. We recommend showing up prepared with all the necessary documents so your visit will be a smooth and easy process. We offer passport picture services, printing services, and notary services if any of the necessary documentation needs to be printed out or notarized.

If you need an expedited passport in Kissimmee in the same day we offer 48 hour processing service. Your application needs to be overnighted to our processing center to be printed the same day then overnighted to your doorstep. You must have proof of travel showing that you are departing soon in order to expedite the passport process.

Once your passport is complete, we will notify you via email and text with the FedEx tracking number. We also offer pick up in our downtown Orlando office for convenience. The Passport Office Orlando makes the process simple and easy so you can focus on preparing for your big trip.

The Passport office has partnered up with One Tree Planted, for every expedited passport printed one tree is planted. We care about mother earth and want to make sure you have a beautiful and enchanting planet to travel and explore for years to come. By reforesting our planet we create a habitat where mother nature can strive and where humans can survive on a sustainable living space alongside the wonderful creatures we share earth with. Together we can rebuild and heal!

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