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Despite US Pressure, Countries Have 'Substantial Discretion' on Extradition

Despite US Pressure, Countries Have 'Substantial Discretion' on Extradition
One is that Hong Kong permitted him to travel on his U.S. passport, notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. told Hong Kong that it had revoked the passport. Another possibility is that he was issued some kind of travel document, either a laissez-passer …
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AP Source: NSA leaker Snowden's passport revoked
WASHINGTON (AP) — The former National Security Agency contractor who disclosed information about highly classified surveillance programs has had his U.S. passport revoked, an official said Sunday. Edward Snowden's passport was annulled before he …
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Snowden's passport revoked
So some U.S. official LEAKED the information about the passport about the revocation of the guy who liked info to the press. I'm sure that David Gregory will be all over the AP reporter for this “adding and abetting”. fuzzyfuzzyfungus. It's just a leak …
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US Passport Requirements For Taking a Cruise

In the economic times we are living in today, taking a cruise has become a very affordable way for a couple or a family to still be able to enjoy a vacation. Due to the growing popularity of a cruise, more people are questioning the travel requirements needed for U.S. Citizens.

Effective June 1, 2009, leniency has been allowed for U.S. Citizens taking a “closed-loop” cruise, where a U.S. passport will not be required to sail. A “closed-loop” cruise is defined as a sailing that originates and terminates in the same U.S. port.

Although a passport is not required for these “closed-loop” cruises, you will need proof of citizenship and a government-issued photo ID, such as an original or certified copy of a birth certificate and a driver’s license. If you are traveling with children, they will also be required to carry a birth certificate and a photo ID if over the age of 15.

However, if your cruise is scheduled to begin and end in different U.S. ports, or if it will begin and end in a foreign port, a valid passport or other recognized WHTI-compliant document is required. And note that a valid passport is required if you are traveling on any of the Europe cruises.

This new ruling will be great for a person taking a last minute cruise, and will not have the time to get a passport processed in time. But it is still highly recommended to cruise with a passport if possible. If for any reason you need to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port when missing your scheduled embarkation, or if you need to fly back to the U.S. midway through your cruise due to an emergency, this would not be possible without your passport.

Don’t misunderstand the leniency of the passport requirement with proof of citizenship.

All people going on any cruise will still be required to show proof of citizenship in order to take a cruise. If you can’t present a valid document at check in, you will be denied boarding and no refund will be issued.

Investing in a U.S. passport is necessary, and certainly a wise investment for anyone wanting to see the world. But it is good to know that a person can still get away for a 3 day cruise, or even longer without one. Just be sure your cruise will qualify for the exception to the rule. Happy sailing!

Let’s get away! Now there’s no reason not to plan the cruise of your dreams today! Go to http://www.daytodaytravel.com for some of the greatest cruise deals around. Or contact Travel Agent Larry Buhandt: 615-824-9772 for assistance. To get more information, or to obtain a passport application, you can also visit http://www.travel.state.gov

Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public

Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public
But criticism of the plan comes at a time when fears over the security of personal information on the Internet have been heightened by revelations of massive U.S. government snooping and international online crime. Yahoo stressed that it has put in …
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Government could use metadata to map your every move
Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist's office, said Karen Reilly, the development director for The Tor Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit that produces technology to …
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5 Ways Border Security Would Change Under GOP Plan
There are already 651 miles of fencing along the southern border, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). PHOTO: fence. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty … There would need to be a system in place at all ports that uses passport and …
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You can't travel on a naturalisation certificate
If a US citizen in Jamaica does not have a valid passport, they must apply for a new one at the US Embassy in Kingston or the Consular Agency in Montego Bay before they can travel home. Depending on where and when the passport application was filed on …
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China Dissident Says He's Considering Many Options for After NYU
He arrived in the U.S. in May last year to begin a yearlong fellowship at NYU after the U.S. State Department reached a resolution with Chinese officials, who issued Chen a passport. Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou said in a June 23 statement that he …
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Snowden's escape causes angry reaction
It's embarrassing for the US. It's a snub from China, which would've given the go-ahead for Hong Kong to release Ed Snowden despite the Justice Department asking for him to be detained, despite his passport being revoked. It's a snub from Russia. You …
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