Musical globe-trotting with Michael Saracino

Musical globe-trotting with Michael Saracino
Or until Saracino's passport expires. He has so far uploaded three episodes onto YouTube … Saracino wants to hit the U.S. next, finding singers in New York, Austin and possibly New Orleans to keep the project going. The massive undertaking hasn't …
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How to Fight Doping in Sports
Among the project's athletes is the double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah, who was questioned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency last week as part of its investigation into Mr. Salazar. Though Mr. Farah has not been accused of wrongdoing, the head …
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California Man Guilty of Trying to Support Islamic State
LOS ANGELES — A California college student who lied on a passport application so he could travel to Syria and join the Islamic State pleaded guilty Monday to a terrorism-related charge. Adam Dandach, 21, of Orange pleaded guilty to … to the Islamic …
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ID NYC card embraced by a wide swath of New Yorkers
It's proven to be a popular insider's passport for locals who are more than adequately credentialed, but appreciate the perks, swag, freebies and discounts the card confers. Obtaining the card "is a no-brainer . . . it's so cool!" said Tiffany Sun, 32 …
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Squirrel Hill man out on bond arrested for trying to obtain passport

Squirrel Hill man out on bond arrested for trying to obtain passport
A Squirrel Hill man out on bail while awaiting sentencing for charges connected to a mortgage fraud scheme landed back in jail because he obtained a Florida driver's license and used it to apply for a passport, according to federal court documents.
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Police verification for passport to go hi-tech across India
Hyderabad — Following the success of the hi-tech police verification of passport applications launched by the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate in Hyderabad, External Affairs Ministry officials, who watched a demo of the new and fast system, have …
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Norway toughens residence rules
Even after permanent residence is finally granted in Norway, holders of non-EU passports also must continue to renew their legal presence in the so-called Schengen area of the EU every two years, and carry a valid residence card. Nor does “permanent …
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Feds charge two Minnesotans with trying to aid ISIS

Feds charge two Minnesotans with trying to aid ISIS
When a passport office official asked about the cost of his trip, Yusuf said it was about $ 1,500. Federal … Nur left the Twin Cities for Turkey on May 29, also after obtaining an expedited U.S. passport and depositing $ 1,540 in cash to his checking …
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Terrorism forcing more Americans to obtain a passport
And still some will contend that the expensive cost to travel abroad makes it prohibitive. But proof shows that flights from the U.S. are about the same in price to flights from the U.K. to foreign lands at equal distances, and there are many ways to …
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China Increases Tourist Visa Validity from 1 to 10 Years, Starting Today
There's no doubt that obtaining a visa for travel is a headache, and for a long time Chinese visas were among the worst. There was the price ($ 140), the consular visits, the being separated from your passport during processing, and then the frustration …
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Vodacom has big M-Pesa plans
Today, says Singh, M-Pesa has 700 000 users active on the system – although about 300 000 more than that applied, but were rejected because they were either under 16 years of age, or not in possession of a South African passport. Channel growth … "It …
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