Tourist Arrested for Scam; Phuket Killer Crash; Aussie Held on Samui; Krabi

Tourist Arrested for Scam; Phuket Killer Crash; Aussie Held on Samui; Krabi No Thai passports? No problem if you're Thaksin Shinawatra. The former prime minister was in Montenegro to renew his passport as it was running out of pages, his daughter Paetongtran wrote on her Instagram account, @ingshin21.
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Journalist Says He Will Be 'Morocco's First Undocumented Moroccan'
Ali Lmrabet, who has dual French and Moroccan nationality, is being denied the residence certificate he needs to get a new national ID card and to renew his passport, which expires on 24 June. Without these documents, he cannot move ahead with his …

How to Apply :-Tourist Visa For Canada

The visit to Canada should be carefully planned as the citizens of certain countries must provide more than the entry in the passport. Some countries, such as the United States, Denmark and Spain, at the following additional requirements, but if your country is one that makes you want to plan well in advance of your trip to Canada.

There is quite a long list of the countries of Canada is an additional entrance requirements. The best site is the complete list of Canada and Immigration Canada website. This is an excellent source of updated information on which citizens must meet the requirements for visiting Canada.

If you find that your country is included, to start as soon as possible to gather as much information as you can. Each country’s visa processing office has slightly different requirements, in addition to what is described in this article, which is meant as an overview of the visa.

Depending on the nature of your position, you must fill out the form correctly in Canada. When forms are numbers, the IMM 5256, IMM 5257 and IMM 5259, which are all visa applications, but the difference depends on when you enter the tour, business or work. Be sure to choose the right application for your visit.

All applicants must have a valid passport from your target country. Besides, two passport photos must be included with your form. Supporting documentation is also important as you need to show how long your trip is one that you visit to see family and friends and maybe work out. It can be letters, from friends, asking you to visit if your plane tickets. If you need to work in Canada, your employer provides health check for your future.

There may be additional requirements depending on their country of origin. Some states require a personal interview with the visa section, and may also request that you provide a medical examination to prove their good health. Be prepared to meet these requests, and plan a way to postpone his trip.

Application tourist visa costs depend on whether you only need one input document or, if you intend to return to Canada several times. Fees run from $ 75.00 to $ 150.00 per person, respectively. Each person in your travel group, individual groups have to pay taxes are not.

This outline should be helpful in planning a visit to Canada and get the tourist visa, but be sure to research specific to your country. The Internet has many resources such as Canada and Immigration Canada site, which is considered to be current.

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