Save Yourself From Flight Cancellation Hazards

People nowadays need to travel more than ever before. They need to travel for various reasons ranging from hard-core professional issues to fully customized family issues like travel or a visit to some other family member’s place. Now, with the increase in the amount of travel, the consequent traffic has also grown in number which has led to an increase in newer types of hazards in relation to travel. One of these hazards is definitely the increase in the number of cancelled flights which has been putting a lot of people under a lot of problems from various points of view. Continue reading

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Letters: The Trudeaus are not Canada's first political dynasty
Justin Trudeau is one fast actor — it took him only one day as prime minister-designate to prove the Conservatives' attack adds he is not ready to be PM were spot on. His panicky, unstudied, rush to cancel Canada's combat mission against ISIL is dead …
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Desperate Afghans flock to Kabul passport office for ticket out of war-torn nation
As Afghanistan continues to be plagued by conflict and economic uncertainty, there has been a rush for passport applications by those now determined to secure a future in another part of the world. According to officials, Afghans' applications for …
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Passport rush: Smooth sailing at National Indoor Sports Centre
It has been smooth sailing for officials from the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency and members of the public, who gathered at the National Indoor Sports Centre to renew passports ahead of a fee increase next week. When The Gleaner/ Power 106 …
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When Paying More For an Airplane Ticket Is Worth It

When Paying More For an Airplane Ticket Is Worth It
Do you want to take advantage of a ticketing loophole to get a cheap flight? Be careful: you may not make it to your destination. Q: I was doing an online search to travel from Toronto to Philadelphia, which was costly. Several flights had connectors …
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Adoptee From South Korea Faces Deportation From US
Federal immigration officials say they became aware of Crapser after he applied to renew his green card two years ago: his criminal convictions, ranging from burglary to assault, made him potentially deportable under immigration law. U.S. Immigration …
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After the Cronut: Dominique Ansel Opens a New Bakery in NYC
The pastry whiz unveils his new West Village space, along with a host of standard-raising treats. Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel may be known as the Cronut king, but his latest venture should remind the pastry-loving masses that there's more …
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In Brooklyn, Jeppe Hein's New Exhibit Asks You to 'Please Touch the Art'
But you'll find no such protection at Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City this summer; on the contrary, a new exhibit opening there on May 17 very explicitly requests that visitors engage with the pieces. "Jeppe Hein: Please Touch the Art," a …
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Mutual Recognition of Funds – a new “passport” to China and Hong Kong
On 22 May 2015, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) together with the China Securities and Regulatory Commission (CSRC) jointly announced the details of the Mutual Recognition of Funds (MRF) between the Mainland and Hong Kong.
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7 Tips for Moving Abroad
It has never been easier to travel abroad. With the falling Euro and a “golden ticket” (some call it a U.S. passport), the world is very much your oyster. But there's a huge difference between simply travelling and actually moving abroad. Going on an …
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DISNEYLAND: Rising ticket prices causing sticker shock

DISNEYLAND: Rising ticket prices causing sticker shock
Also eliminated in 2015, the parking add-on to the Annual Passports. Only Premium passports will include parking on new purchases. If you currently have the parking added onto your non-premium passport then you can retain it upon renewal only.
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Passenger refused flight over missing letter on airline ticket

Passenger refused flight over missing letter on airline ticket
Her son-in-law, Aleh Kadychenka, scanned her passport at the check-in kiosk, but it kept getting rejected. “It was denied first time, refused second time and then I noticed something [was] wrong,” Kadychenka said. An Air Canada agent said the system …

Irish Pastoral Centre – news, events and immigration happenings (Dec.22)
Should you have a travel emergency for which a U.S. passport is required, you can call the Boston Passport Agency located in the Tip O' Neill Building in Boston. Individuals are seen by appointment only and you need to call the automated appointment …
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Holiday gift idea: 'Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure' VIP ticket giveaway

Holiday gift idea: 'Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure' VIP ticket giveaway
"Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure" will take audiences on a sightseeing journey to the magical worlds of "The Lion King," "The Little Mermaid," "Peter Pan" and "Lilo & Stitch." Each performance features an international team of award-winning figure …

Getting a passport to become quicker
Presently, after documents are submitted at the PSK, the data is sent online to the SB at the Commissioner of Police's office, which dispatches printouts to respective PS, which then need to physically verify the data with original documents of the …
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