Planning for an Overseas Travel this Summer? Get Your Passport Now

If you’re planning for a summer travel overseas and planning to renew your passport – do it right now. This is the right time for renewal or applying for a U.S. passport. The U.S. Department of State is requesting travelers to get the passport travel-ready as early as they can because of rising demand that could make you face longer processing time. Continue reading

Scott County shuts down Passport Services for summer

Scott County shuts down Passport Services for summer
If you were looking to get a passport this summer, it wont be happening in Scott County. A letter from the County Recorder indicated that the office would be shutting down their Passport Services starting July 1, 2015 until September 1. “Due to …

Historical bus transportation service to and from Mexico into U.S. begins
All U.S. citizens entering the U.S. from Mexico are required to have documents that comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), most commonly a U.S. passport, a passport card, a trusted traveler card such as NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST, or …

Police verification for passports to go online
Incidentally, this online system for police verification will not be limited to passport services alone. The home ministry plans to extend it to police verification of tenants, domestic servants, new government recruits and even to background checks of …
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Summer Stroll set for Saturday in Yuba City

Summer Stroll set for Saturday in Yuba City
Alondra Leon Lopez, 6, gets a friendly push from friend Jazmine Sanchez, 5, both of Yuba City, while climbing a pole on Plumas Street during the annual Summer Stroll Friday, June 22, 2012 in Yuba City. Buy this photo · Summer Stroll. David Bitton …
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Why the Pope Chose Francis
Saint Francis had his own personal magic passport. Pope Francis, too, communicates with Muslims, and is trying to prevent a modern holy war. As the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he became the friend of the city's Muslim sheik, visiting his mosque and …
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Celebrate Summer with the Ali Forney Center in New York City

Celebrate Summer with the Ali Forney Center in New York City
Despite the statistics that there are over 4,000 homeless youth in New York City, of which over 1,000 are LGBT, New York State continues to reduce funding for the organizations that help this segment of the population. The nation's largest resource for …
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Ban Ki-moon Gets a Municipal ID Card
… has a passport and other identification documents that would make a municipal ID card unnecessary. But both men wanted to encourage more New Yorkers, particularly undocumented immigrants, to get the cards so they can readily access city services.
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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to get New York City identification card
The head of the United Nations is getting a passport of sorts to the greatest place on Earth — New York City. Mayor de Blasio will enroll Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in the city's municipal ID card program Tuesday. Ban will also encourage other …
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Passport office make profit after summer where Nottinghamshire holidaymakers

Passport office make profit after summer where Nottinghamshire holidaymakers
Last summer the Post reported that holidaymakers in Nottinghamshire were worried they would miss their summer breaks due to the strikes at the Passport Office. Workers walked out over staff shortages with the service struggling to cope with a 30,000 …
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Caribbean RoundUp
Al Jazeera, the television conglomerate, with offices in the Middle East and the United States, has reported that Sweet Home- a company based in the emirate Ajman – has “incentivized its property by including Antiguan and Barbudan passport with certain …
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READ IN: Recess Reading Edition
(Washington Post). — The NSA considered abandoning its program to collect and store Americans' call records even before Edward Snowden leaked details of the practice. The proposal to end the program had not yet reached then-NSA director Keith …. The …
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Passport applications set to triple this summer

from RUSSIAN PASSPORT APPLICATION ALBUM. Credit: Russian Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa
passport application
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Passport applications set to triple this summer
Passport applications are expected to more than triple this summer as travellers rush to renew or replace their travel documents for their annual holiday. Between March and August, applications are expected to rise by more than three times as much as …

UID details may be used to process passport applications
PUNE: If the ministry of external affairs (MEA) has its way, passport officials across the country will soon have access to the passport applicants' Aadhaar information for the purpose of processing their applications. Top officials of the MEA and the …
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Be travel savvy this summer and apply early

Be travel savvy this summer and apply early
The demand for passports is being met with the help of extra staff who have been recruited for the busy period, but there are limited numbers of appointments at passport offices for fast track and premium services. HM Passport Office advises customers …
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Airline refuses service to Israelis in New York
“Do you have any other passports, other than the Israeli passport?” the agent asked. The Post reported that when the agent was told no, he said, “Since you have Israeli nationality, you will not be allowed to go on Saudi Airlines.” U.S. federal law …

New envoy to US grounded by striking Foreign Ministry
As a result, thousands of Israelis are stranded in foreign countries waiting to obtain renewed passports and visiting business VIPs who require visas had to cancel trips to Israel. Among those caught … He has also not been able to meet with staff …
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Expedited Passport Services Offered for Summer Travel

Expedited Passport Services Offered for Summer Travel
The U.S. Department of State offers expedited passport services to U.S. citizens planning to travel abroad this summer, including families going on summer vacations and students participating in study-abroad programs. While U.S. citizens are urged to …
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Essex County clerk outreach program comes to town
Non-citizen parents applying for a child's passport must have resident cards or passports. Fees are $ 110 for adults and $ 182.85 for adult expedited fees, $ 80 for children 15 and younger and $ 152.85 for children expedited fees. Separate checks or money …
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Congress demands progress on advanced ID cards
… Border Protection, pointed to her agency's many identification documents, including Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) cards; the bi-lateral NEXUS Canadian/U.S. cross-border biometric card, the Global Entry expedited …

Expedited US Passport Services for Summer Travel

the us government & passport office might close but at the cafe, the light shines on!
us government passport
Image by maximolly

Expedited US Passport Services for Summer Travel
These companies are not government contractors and do not operate as a part of the U.S. Department of State. Passport expeditor/courier companies charge additional fees for their services. Customers utilizing these companies do not receive their …
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The looming cyclone ahead of Thein Sein's historic US visit
In recent days, the government has come under fierce criticism from groups like Human Rights Watch for failing to move the camps to higher ground ahead of the storm. On Tuesday, a boat carrying more than 100 people seeking to escape the cyclone …
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The real Facebook: a photo database of every US citizen
If you have a U.S. passport, the U.S. government already has your photograph. Driver's licence photos or pictures from any other state-issued I.D. would require separate deals between state and federal governments. 3. Wired's “slippery slope” argument …
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