Potential Reasons for Your Passport to Get Denied – Steer Clear of Such Mistakes

Are you preparing yourself for world travel? If yes and if you’re planning to travel outside the US, for most part of your journey you will require your passport to be able to fulfill your trip. But did you know that getting that blue booklet for yourself can sometimes turn out to be a big hassle? Although with prior planning and little bit of dedication, you can save yourself from such troubles but how many of us know what to do? When it comes to getting a passport, there is a 6-month expiration rule and the present long processing times. Keeping this in mind when you plan to get yourself a new passport or renew your old one, you need to be careful enough so that there are no reasons for your passport application to hit a roadblock. Here are some possible and potential reasons behind your passport application getting denied. Continue reading

Learn How To Apply For A Usa Passport Name Change

If your name has been legally changed due to a marriage or divorce, you will need to change the name on your passport. The process for a U.S. Passport Name Change is easy but it can take a long time to receive your new passport.

The first document that you will need to change your name on is your social security card. To do this, contact the social security office in your area. They may have the form you need on the Internet to make the changes to your social card.

If has been longer than 12 months since you obtained your passport, you should fill out form DS-82 to change your name. This form can usually be acquired by visiting the local post office. The Bureau of Consular Affairs will also have it online so you can print it off there. Printing it off the Internet may be more convenient.

To be able to use this form, you will be required to provide an original copy of your marriage certificate, and your original passport. The passport cannot be more than 15 years old and you had to have been a minimum of 16 years of age when you were issued your current passport.

Once you have filled out the form, before you can send your information in, you will need to have new United States passport photos taken. You can do that one of your neighborhood drug stores. If you check with them they typically offer passport photos for a fee. You can also take your own passport photo but it must measure 2 inches x 2 inches. Any other size will be rejected.

Once you have the application filled out and the passport photos in your hand, you are ready to mail everything. You should send it in a padded envelope to the address that is listed on your paperwork. For your own protection you might consider sending it in such a way that the post office can trace it if it gets lost. Ensure that you have included all required documentation along with any fees that are required.

If you are in a hurry to receive your new passport, you can pay an extra $ 60 for the expedited fee. You need to write EXPEDITED on the outside of the envelope. Mark it clearly so that when it arrives at its destination it will be handled properly. Another option you have is to visit a local agency that handles passports. You can find a local office by going to the website for the Bureau of Consular Affairs. This is the best option if you will need to have your passport in less than 2 weeks.

Although it can take up to 2 months receive your new passport application, submitting a Passport Name Change Application is an easy process. As long as you submit all of the required documentation with the application, and photos that are of acceptable size, along with the required fees, you should not encounter any problems.

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