Disillusioned Hongkongers press UK for escape route

Disillusioned Hongkongers press UK for escape route
Around 400,000 Hong Kong residents hold the BNO passport and some are now calling on Britain to allow them residency as they seek to escape rising tensions. “It is an extra option for Hong Kong people — it's a right they deserve,” says Sampson Noble, …
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Disillusioned Hong Kongers Press UK for Escape Route

Disillusioned Hong Kongers Press UK for Escape Route
Applying was only possible before the handover, but holders can renew their BNO every 10 years for around HK$ 1,000 (US$ 130). For 33-year-old Peter, a pilot, renewing his BNO passport is a desperate measure. "(It) is just like someone who is drowning …
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Fake passport to elude Syria lands man in jail
"A fraudster I met on social media networks duped me and sold me a forged Bulgarian passport," he said. "I was born in Syria. I came on a visit visa to the UAE and have been renewing it legally and periodically," said M.M. entering an innocent plea …
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New Passport Pages – Simple Route

If you want to go somewhere outside the US, then you will definitely need a passport. If you do not have one, you may end up being stuck at home without any chance visiting different cultures. Another significant thing to remember is that it is also necessary to have enough blank passport pages any time.


When the passbook contains only two to four blank pages, it is time to get a refill. If the passbook is not due for renewal, the holder will need to have more blank sheets added to the current document. Those who do not travel frequently must remember to complete this task well in advance of embarking on an international trip.


There is not a lot involved in getting additional sheets for the passbook. Individuals only need to complete the government DS-4085 form.. This form may be found online at the State Department Web site and either completed electronically or by hand. Either way, the completed form must be submitted via mail because the government will not allow for electronic submission. Handwritten forms should contain legible information, so applicants should print clearly when completing the document.


If obtaining the form via the Web is not possible, individuals may travel to the Passport Acceptance Facility or Agency in order to get a copy of the DS-4085. The completed form and current passbook must be submitted to the appropriate government agency for processing.

There is no cost to get more passport pages through the standard government processing service. The documents should be sent in a secure package with confirmation of delivery that will allow the item to be tracked.


The standard government processing time for these requests is up to six weeks. This may not be fast enough for many travelers so the government provides an expedited service that costs $ 60.00. Expediting the paperwork will result in the new passbook being received within three weeks.. When this service is elected, it is recommended that the package be sent via overnight mailing methods and marked for expedited processing.


If three weeks is still too long, a passbook holder may opt for a rush processing service offered through a private company. Rush handling will provide the holder with the passbook containing additional sheets within as little as 24 hours. The passbook holder will need to pay the private company several hundred dollars for overnight processing, plus the $ 60.00 expediting fee charged by the government. In addition, shipping charges for overnight mail delivery will be incurred.


There will be several additional forms required when using a private company for processing. In addition to the DS-4085 government form, the passbook holder must complete a document that authorizes the company to act on behalf of the individual. Applicants who request processing within seven business days or less must submit a copy of the flight itinerary, airline ticket, or employer authorization letter. Any of these will serve as proof that the passbook holder has immediate travel plans.


In order to get additional passport pages in the quickest manner, individuals can request that a private company work with the government to process the paperwork. This will provide the traveler with an updated U.S. passport in a short time but it will also cost several hundred dollars. The alternatives are to pay .00 for two to three week processing through the government or get four to six-week turnaround at no charge.

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