Study about Your Passport Before Going Abroad

According to the recent studies, it has been noticed that many a people in the US has been facing problems due to sudden changes of regulations regarding the passport. There has been numerous instances where people have been send back to their home from the airport because there were defects detected in their passports at the penultimate moment. This has led to numerous heartbreaks as the aspiring first time foreign visitors has had their journeys cancelled at the last moment. To avoid these circumstances, all we need to do is to remember a few things which would help in avoiding the last moment hazards which might even lead to the cancellation of the proposed tours. Continue reading

Freshman's excuse for missing class is one to remember

Freshman's excuse for missing class is one to remember
But now she will be able to vote and travel with a U.S. passport. Things will be easier. Her parents wanted her to decide the question of citizenship herself. “Like my mother, I have been a permanent resident with a green card for most of my life,” she …
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New Yorkers may need more than a driver's license to board domestic flights
If you're worried about getting stuck at security and don't want to carry an extra card or your passport, New York State does offer an enhanced drivers license, or EDL, that meets the Real ID Act requirements. That ID costs $ 30 more than a normal …
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