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PICA Corner – Can I come to Jamaica on an expired passport?
It is important, therefore, that you renew your passport while in Jamaica, and this must be done in order for you to return to the US. To renew your passport, you must fill out an application form, obtainable at our office or on our website at www.pica …
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Sacramento man indicted for fraud, identity theft
A federal grand jury in Sacramento today returned a five-count indictment charging Rafael Ortega Zarate, 69, with making false statements in an application for a United States passport, making false statements in an application for Social Security …
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In Russia, Living the High Life; in America, a Wanted Man
Russia has no extradition treaty with the United States and no outstanding charges against him. His thin criminal history here, an internal passport violation and an infraction for being unemployed, dates from the Soviet era and is no longer on the books.
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Passport Renewal Fees

us passport fees
by Kaj17

Is your passport about to expire? Renewing your passport is often a somewhat somber experience: after all, it signifies the passing of an entire decade, assuming you were over 16 when you received it. However, there is some good news: in most cases, you can apply by mail and your passport renewal fees will be less than the cost of applying for a brand new passport.


So, how much money will you need to fork over to renew your passport? To determine passport renewal fees, it is first necessary to determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for your passport renewal by mail. You can renew by mail as long as all of the following statements are true for you:


Your current passport was issued less than 15 years ago AND after your 16th birthday

You know where your passport is and it hasn’t been lost, stolen or damaged.

If your name has changed since it was issued, you have a marriage certificate, divorce decree or other document to support the request.


If you are eligible to renew by mail, the next step in determining the price you’ll pay is deciding whether you want a passport book only, a passport card only, or both. Keep in mind, a passport card is only good for land or sea travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. For travel anywhere else and for all international flights, you’ll need a passport book. Here are the prices for each:


Passport Book and Card: $ 140

Passport Book Only: $ 110

Passport Card Only: $ 30


The final step in figuring out how much you’ll pay for your passport renewal is figuring out how fast you’ll need it.

You can get it in around 6 weeks for no additional fee, though it’s recommended that you expedite your order if you need it in less than 10 weeks just to be on the safe side. Expedited passport renewal through the Department of State costs an additional $ 60. The recommended overnight shipping from the passport office costs $ 14.95, and if you decide to overnight it to the passport office you’ll pay an additional fee for that, also.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Express Fast Service
us passport services
Image by Keller-Postal-Express
Skip the long lines at the post office – stop here for all your holiday shipping. And for last minute gifts and wrapping supplies.

Omni Hotels & Resorts Introduces Big Incentives for Summer Vacations with
IRVING, Texas, May 30, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Gearing up for an exciting summer season, Omni Hotels & Resorts launched the Omni Summer Passport promotion, making Omni properties this year's hottest destinations for summer. The campaign will … "And …
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Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Weekend Guide
The Women's Health Advisory Council of Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, in partnership with Knauz Auto Group, will host Drive to SurviveWell, an evening dedicated to the success and advancements in Cancer Care Services at Northwestern Lake Forest …
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3 Hezbollah-linked Lebanese arrested for hoarded arms
Adding his voice to the startling discovery, Bassey Etang, Director of State Security Service in Kano said, “we cannot say how long the weapons have been in the bunker, the rust you is as a result of the conditions they have been exposed to, but are …
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US Passport Agency is getting fancy columns
us passport agency
Image by Wayan Vota
This is the new home of the passport agency on 19th street nw. Nice eagle seals on the columns, eh?

Social Security: How to change your citizenship on Social Security records
These include your U.S. passport, a Certificate of Naturalization, or a Certificate of Citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen, Social … Take (or mail) your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office. All documents …
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FP Passport: The North Korean basketball game Vice doesn't want you to see
… the U.S.-based tour group that helped arrange Rodman's visit. Uri Tours says the footage is from North Korea's news agency KCNA — obtained, according to Chief Operations Officer John Dantzler-Wolfe, through the tour group's connections with the …
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Web Exclusive: Julian Assange on Fighting the International Crackdown on
They also said publicly they would cancel my passport as an Australian citizen, as I was traveling in Europe and trying to be careful about U.S. intelligence agencies surveilling me. And eventually, they said, "We decided not to cancel Mr. Assange's …
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FP Passport: Even soccer can't escape the never-ending Persian/Arabian Gulf spat
On Tuesday, Iran's Fars News Agency reported that Iran's Football Federation will file a complaint against the United Arab Emirates "for using a fake name for Persian Gulf in the title of its soccer league." The "fake name" Fars is referring to: the …
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Getting A Child’s Passport

All children who travel abroad are required to have their own passport. This includes newborns and infants. There are 8 steps to obtain a child’s passport for minor under age 16.

Complete Passport Application Form DS-11

This is the form used when applying for a new passport. You can download an application form online or pick one up at a nearby passport acceptance facility. Many travel agencies also have copies.

It is important that the form not be signed until you are in the presence of an passport acceptance agent. If your child is unable to sign for himself or herself, you can sign your child’s name on the line for the passport owners signature and sign your own name above it.

Show Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Children under the age of 16 must show proof of U.S. citizenship. There are numerous documents that can be used to prove citizenship but the most common are a previous fully valid U.S. passport or a certified U.S. birth certificate.

Show Proof of Relationship

While a previous passport may be used for proof of citizenship, it cannot be presented as proof of relationship. Most frequently used documents include a certified U.S. birth certificate, a certified foreign birth certificate or a report of birth abroad.

Show Your Identification

For minors under age 16, both parents must appear with the child and present proof of identity. A valid drivers license is presented by the majority of parents who apply for their children. However, other documents that can be used include an official U.S. military ID, a U.S. government ID, a foreign passport with recognizable photo, a naturalization certificate or alien resident card from USCIS. The document you use needs to be valid and have a photo.

Provide Documentation of Parental Consent

This can be done by both parents appearing at the passport acceptance facility and signing or one parent appears, signs and submits a notarized statement of consent for the second parent. If consent cannot be obtained from the second parent, the first parent should provide evidence that he or she has sole authority to apply.

Provide Two Passport Photos of Your Child

There are many different locations where you can get passport pictures made. Most of the time it is fairly quick. Locations that offer this service usually understand the requirements for passport photos but it is good to verify to make sure. I have had to refuse pictures before because they were not the right size which is 2×2 inches.

Pay the Proper Fees

Fees include an application fee and an execution fee. If you need to obtain your child’s passport quickly, you can request that the application be expedited. The expediting fee is $ 60.

Present Your Social Security Number

The passport agent will ask you to provide your social security number. A $ 500 penalty can be imposed by the Internal Revenue Service on those who do not do this.

Once you gather the appropriate documents and present them to the passport agent, you can expect to receive your child’s passport within a few weeks if you request regular service and within two weeks if you request expedited service.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide for answers to frequently asked questions about applying for a child’s passport and find bargains on popular and name brand luggage for kids.

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New Passport Pics
renewing a passport
Image by rustybrick
Renewing Your U.S. Passport since mine expires within the year and it can take 10 – 12 weeks to get a new one.

Perth Wildcats lose Kevin Lisch to Italy
“Kevin's mother is Italian and he has an Italian passport so it looks very much that he will be playing there. … Earlier today, the Wildcats announced Beveridge was not renewing his contract after four seasons in charge of the NBL's most successful club.
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