Passport 101: How to apply, renew or replace – USA Today

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-Entry to the US at Derby Line (DER, VT) (Route 5, in the town)
-Exit of Germany at Frankfurt
-Entry to US, Ottawa Pre-Clearance (OTT)
-Entry to Canada at Ottawa (MCIA)
-Entry to US at Highgate Springs, VT (HIG)
-Entry to Hungary at Lokoshaza

Passport III (Second photo)

Passport 101: How to apply, renew or replace – USA Today
To get your first passport, you'll have to show up in person. Make an appointment at an acceptance facility or passport agency; search for the one closest to you here. You likely live near a facility where you can get a passport. Many post offices and …
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On the Spot: There are ways to speed up passport processing
You can get an expedited passport through the State Department, or, if your travel plans demand it, you can go to the U.S. Passport Agency at 11000 Wilshire Blvd. Or you can hire someone, known as a passport expediter, to get it for you. Here's how the …
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The Best Way to Get a Passport in a Hurry

The Best Way to Get a Passport in a Hurry
The simplest way to get a passport kind of fast—that is, within a few weeks: Pay the U.S. State Department to expedite the process. This isn't a guaranteed fix, though. Wait times vary based on all kinds of factors, such as government sequesters. See …
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Chasing the cheats: My day with the welfare fraud police
When we get there, nobody is home, but the front door of the house is ajar and the windows are open. We count upwards of 80 tractors, most of them in … Tonight's operation involves spot-checks on eight fast-food restaurants. One outlet is run by a …
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'Amazing Race' recap: Trippiest fun house ever
He's mildly concerned, but ultimately unfazed — his passport is in his pocket and both hockey bro Anthony and one of the country singers have offered underwear. We get a much-too-long product placement sequence involving a smart car and questions …
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Passport service has taken us for a ride

Passport service has taken us for a ride
My girlfriend is going abroad in a month and realised yesterday that her passport had expired. She searched online for a way to renew it quickly and the first site she came across was the Passport Application Online Service. Assuming it was an official …
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HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Passport Day slated May 8
… are available at both locations. For further information on US Passport requirements, and what personal documents are needed to obtain a passport, residents should visit and click on County Clerk, General Info, or call 989-6473.
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FP Passport: Caucasus jihadist group denies involvement in Boston attacks
The Command of the Province of Dagestan indicates in this regard that the Caucasian Mujahideen are not fighting against the United States of America. We are at … I don't think we know enough information to determine if they could have worked with …
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Passport Expediting

It is rather a matter of great importance to have the services of expediting passport because it will be useful for you in time of your need. With the help of this type of passport, you can give some acceleration to the passport application process. It is being used by man y people because it plays an obvious and vital role when people need their traveling documents in opportune time.

For instance, you have to go out of the country or somewhere in some emergency then it will not be very easy for you to have your traveling documents. In this situation, you will have to use the Emergency Passports because without them you will not be able to get to your desired destination. You will not have to face any acute problem if you are using such type of passports because they are issued especially for the same purpose.

If you have an intention to apply for name change, additional visa pages by mail or some other renewal then you will also make a request for having the expediting services. However, you also have another option if you are going to have a new passport then you will be able to get this passport with the help of application acceptance facility. Your this action will give you chance to reduce the duration of processing in getting the this passport and it can be 2-3 weeks.

If you are willing to get a passport within some shorter duration or specifically within, 2-weeks then you will have to pay a visit to some passport agency or some other regional office. You can also make a contact with other private expeditor in this regard. If you have arranged the meeting with regional agency after sending your application then you will have a chance to get a passport very easily in your desired duration.

If you are not going through the passport agency, then you will have to go to the private expeditor for getting your passport fast. You will be given different time for processing and you may also have the option of asking the passport processing within 11+ business days.

This passport expediting service will enable you to get your passport on time if you have got into any trouble or problem. If you want to have your passport immediately then you can select this option for the same purpose because it is convenient.

Visit to review and compare emergency passport or learn more about how to get a passport.

Passport Renewal in Colorado

For most Colorado residents, getting a passport renewal is as easy as dropping off a copy of the application and the necessary documents at the local post office. You can renew your passport by mail as long as all of the following statements are true:


You know where your passport it is, and it has not been damaged or mutilated.

You were 16 years old or older when your current passport was issued to you.

Your passport is no more than 15 years old.

If your name has changed since your current passport was issued, you are able to provide official documentation that supports the name change request.


As long as you meet these qualifications, you can renew your passport by mail by sending a copy of passport renewal application form DS-82, your current passport, 2 passport photos and a check for the renewal fee to the address on the application form. This will get you your passport in about 6 weeks if you pay for regular processing, and about 3 weeks if you pay an extra $ 60 for expedited processing from the Department of State.


What if you need your new passport in hand more quickly? If regular expedited processing won’t cut it, you have two options: make an appointment at the Colorado Passport Agency office in Aurora or use a private passport expediting company.


The passport agency office doesn’t serve walk-ins, so to make an appointment call 1-877-487-2778.

The office is open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday, so you must be able to travel to Aurora during those hours. Here’s the passport agency address:


Cherry Creek III

3151 South Vaughn Way, Suite 600

Aurora, CO 80014


If you don’t live near Aurora and you can’t afford to travel, or you work during the day and can’t get time off, a private passport expediting company may offer an easier and more convenient option.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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