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Ann Coulter slams media 'Mississippi Burning' narrative after Zimmerman verdict
The Daily Caller obtains Trayvon Martin's tweets · NAACP calls on Obama admin to pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman · Why is Joshua Chellew less important than Trayvon Martin? New Black Panther hopes Zimmerman is killed in prison [VIDEO] …
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'Obama has already convicted Snowden'
… Edward Snowden's chances for a fair trial in the U.S. are “virtually zero” as he has “already been convicted in the media by President Obama”, says James Petras, a retired Bartle Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New …
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Ex-DNC flack tweets claims of racism, politics after Zimmerman acquittal
Voting matters – EVERY office, EVERY election,” he tweeted. The original tweet came from Steve Walker, deputy national political director for the Democratic party. In his user profile, Walker declares that he is a “Believer in respecting & empowering …
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Lost Passport Replacement vs. US Passport Renewal

Unfortunately, you are only eligible for a passport renewal if you still have your old passport. Losing a passport is no fun to begin with, but just in case you needed an extra incentive to hang on to yours, let’s take a look at how much harder it is to replace a lost passport instead of getting a passport renewal.


Applying in Person


In many cases, you can apply for a passport renewal by mail. However, if you’ve lost your passport, you have to apply for a replacement in person at a passport acceptance facility. Acceptance facilities are often located in post offices, libraries and municipal buildings. To find the one closest to you, you can either call around or just plug your zip code into the Department of State’s website.


More Documents


Replacing a lost passport also requires more documents than a simple renewal. When you renew, your old passport serves as both proof of identity and proof of citizenship, verifying to the Department of State that you are who you say you are and you are eligible for a US passport. However, when you replace a lost passport, you’ll need to provide proof of identity, like a driver’s license or state ID card, and proof of citizenship, like a certified copy of your birth certificate or naturalization certificate.


More Forms


To apply for a renewal, you only need to fill out one form, Form DS-82. To get a replacement for a lost passport, however, you’ll need to fill out both new passport application form DS-11 and form DS-64, explaining the circumstances in which your old one was lost or stolen.


More Money

Since you have to apply to replace a lost passport in person, you’ll also end up paying more for the privilege.

That’s because when you apply in person, you have to pay an acceptance fee in addition to the application fee. While the application fee goes to the Department of State, the acceptance fee goes to the facility that accepts your application.


One thing that remains the same with both procedures is the length of time it takes to get your new document in the mail. Regular service takes at least 6 weeks, while expedited service takes 3 weeks door-to-door. So, whether you are replacing a lost passport or applying for a US passport renewal, make sure you do so well in advance!


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Passport UK

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Passport snafu keeps mom and adopted daughter stuck in Ukraine

Passport snafu keeps mom and adopted daughter stuck in Ukraine
If his being in Kiev would help expedite getting the passport with his daughter's new legal name, he'd be there tomorrow, said Michael McCarron, but it's seems as if there's nothing to do but wait for the Ukraine government to act, with perhaps some …
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Letter: Pandering from Kuster
… problems with federal agencies, secure federal grants for individuals, help college-bound students, recognize public achievements, obtain a flag, recognize artistically talented high school students, expedite passport applications, help students …
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Taiwan tightens visa applications for Pinoys
Chang said other working visa applicants are under screening and their papers still being processed. TECO has also urged the Philippine government to expedite the resolution on the shooting incident. TECO political division director Andrew Tung-Heng …
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From the Editor-in-chief
The Rs 200 paid for jumping a red light, the Rs 1,500 shelled out for a passport, the Rs 5,000 given to "expedite" a death certificate, and the Rs 25,000 with which the palm of a local tax official is greased are so commonplace that these have now …
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Passport Problems

An essential security feature on U.S. passports is outsourced. For more, click here:…

Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation

Higuain Called For Questioning In Passport Investigation
The company would expedite passport claims for Argentines with Italian decent. Their services also extended into the illegal as they would also fabricate Italian heritage to secure a passport and allow soccer players to move to EU countries more freely.
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Pack light for your honeymoon trip
It usually takes three weeks for a passport to arrive after you apply, Lewis said, but she recommends sending your applications six weeks before you plan to leave. If it's already too late for that, you may be able to expedite your application — for a …
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Verification delays issuance of 18000 passports
In a recent meeting with police officers, Home Minister K J George too expressed concern about this and directed them to take steps to expedite the verification process. The statistics suggest that there has been a sharp rise in the passport …
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DNA could be vital for passport application

DNA could be vital for passport application
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London confirmed this week that Nim'an Bowden, who claims his father was former Dartmouth man Brian Bowden, had been advised on making a British passport application. The FCO added it could not speak about …
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Snowden tells rights groups he wants Russia asylum
Snowden has been holed up at the airport's transit zone since arriving on a flight from Hong Kong on June 23 before his US passport was revoked. Human Rights Watch representative Tanya Lokshina told reporters agency that Snowden said "he wants to stay …
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