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Darrell Issa subpoenas Treasury Department in IRS probe
Werfel previously pledged to clean up the agency and to launch his own thorough internal investigation into the targeting scandal. The Oversight Committee asked the IRS for the 81 search terms they used to flag organizations applying for tax-exempt …
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El Paso news anchor arrested for allegedly beating up her husband
An El Paso, Texas television news anchor was arrested early Thursday morning on domestic violence charges after she allegedly instigated a violent fight with her husband. Adrienne Alvarez is the feisty reporter, according to the El Paso Times. She …
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Getting passport may soonget easier at Harris County District Clerk's office

Getting passport may soonget easier at Harris County District Clerk's office
Felipe Suarez, who needed passport services, said, "In general, I think it's complicated to make appointments and everything to get a passport, especially when you have special needs, you need to travel." "The federal cuts that are occurring with the …

People Do Weird Things With Their Passports
Getting a replacement passport can cost both time and money, especially if you have to cancel your flights while you wait. But some travelers are unfazed by the situation and have managed to find creative ways around the problem. In one instance, a …
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UK Border Agency Raids: Two Arrests In Tyne And Wear In Illegal Worker
A Malaysian national whose passport had expired and a Chinese national whose application for asylum had been rejected were both found at the venue. The owner of the New Sung Chop Sui in Shiney Row has been issued with a potential £30,000 worth of …
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Woman charged with defacing the Washington National Cathedral with green
They say Tian has a Chinese passport and that she was traveling in Washington on an expired visa. RELATED: VANDALS ATTACK LINCOLN MEMORIAL WITH GREEN PAINT: 'IT'S DEFACING AMERICA'. The hearing is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. before …
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Woman accuesd of spraying green paint on Washington monuments to appear
Tian, who carried a Chinese passport and was traveling on an expired visa, has been jailed since her arrest on Monday. She is scheduled to appear in D.C. Superior Court before Judge Fredrick Sullivan at 12:30 p.m. EDT. (Reporting by Jane Sutton …
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The Most Efficient Office in the World
Having booked an appointment by phone, he arrived to have his application materials checked by a greeter (lest his papers be out of order, which might hold up others later in the process), who then handed him a number and sent him to a waiting room …
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Tulare County woman indicted using a U.S. passport obtained through stolen
A federal grand jury returned a three-count indictment today charging Orosi resident Regina Chico-Garcia, 31, with making false statements in a passport application, using a passport secured by false statements, and identity theft, United States …
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This is an essential proof of the nationality and is issued to the citizen of the country for the purpose of international travel. A passport is the identity document issued by the government of India that identifies the holder as a national of a particular state of the country and permits the bearer to enter and travel through other countries.

This is a legal document which contains holder’s photograph, signature, date of birth, nationality, and some other means of individual identification.

A passport allows a person to travel or visit one country to another. Sometimes we require a visa along with the passport to enter a country. A visa allows a person to stay in other country for a specific purpose like job or study.

Indian passport form required for Indian passport can be obtained from an Indian Passport office located in all the states of India. The form can also be downloaded from the website of Indian passport. An individual can obtained full information about the process of getting the passport, how to apply for it, documents required with the form during submission, etc. We can also reapply for the passport in case it is stolen or lost. The form can also be filled online with necessary information required.

The enquiry for the Indian passport can be done in the passport offices near your area. The details of the application procedure and eligibility criteria can be obtained from the concerned person in the passport offices.

There are two types of Indian passport one where people travel on visa so no emigration check is required for travelling, this is called Emigration Not Check Required-ENCR Indian passport and other where emigration check is required called Emigration Check Required-ECR Indian passport.

There are 18 countries which come under ECR Indian passport and all other countries come under ENCR Indian passport. Only those who are eligible under Emigration Act can get ENCR Indian passport.

The passport form has three parts: form no. 1, form no. 2 and PP form, which can be filled online on website and this online filled form can be submitted at Indian passport office present in your area.The passport of the minor children can also be prepared filling the same form. The form should be filled correctly and carefully giving right information. If any wrong information is submitted it is subjected to a legal crime.

After submission of the application form the candidate can check their Indian passport status on the website. Indian Passport Enquiry counters in the passport offices also help to track the status of your passport. If some information required is missing or left while the submission of the form, one can revaluate and complete it thus ensuring that they get their passport on time. It is also advised to update your information and photo on the passport as and when required. An individual of a country can possess only one passport on his or her name.

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Chinese Women Enlist In US Army To Expedite Citizenship Process
While some immigrants spend years contemplating their status as a lawful permanent resident, a legal visa-holding alien or a naturalized citizen, a small pocket of Chinese women have found a faster way to gain the elusive blue passport in a matter of …
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Last Minute Cruise Deals Increase Need for Expedited Passports
As last minutes deals heat up in the cruise industry, so has the need for getting passports in a hurry. It's great to stumble upon a great deal, but what if the cruise sails ten days from now and you don't have a valid passport? More people are finding …
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The Way Passport Pages Get Expedited

Travel opportunities can come all of a sudden. Business opportunities can make international excursions an unexpected requirement. This feature, however, have their own troubles. Particularly, travelers with a short time to plan will need to be sure that their documents and visas are available to go. For many, taking advantage of the services provided by professional companies like getting passport pages expedited, can give them some peace of mind.


The US Department of State issues passports to American citizens. In other countries comparable bureaucratic offices handle these processes. Passports are only one of several responsibilities held by this important branch of government.


The history of passports is long and interesting. In their earliest incarnations, heads of state issued letters meant to provide a degree of protection to their official messengers or envoys. In the world today, passports are used mostly as a method of monitoring security and immigration concerns. Every US citizen traveling internationally is required to obtain a passport.


No matter what country they come from, most passports look fairly similar to one another in terms of size, shape, and information contained therein. An international standard has been established among passport issuing agencies, so that documents may be shared easily between governments. Most US passports contain twenty-four pages for placing visa stamps upon entry to or exit from a country. For some travelers, collecting stamps from different entry and exit points is a fun hobby. The international stamps come in a variety of shapes and colors.


Though collecting stamps can be fun, it can also pose a problem for those faced with an unexpected travel need.

Namely, if you run out of places for stamps, you will not be able to use your passport. Luckily, to fix this situation, you can get additional pages for your passport if you have four or fewer blank pages left. The process to get the extra pages is easy.


The form needed to obtain extra pages is not complicated, and easy to obtain. On the form, you must provide phone numbers for your emergency contacts and basic personal information. Submitting the paperwork is free, and after filling it in, you can either use direct mail or send it online. In addition to the form, you will also need to send your passport to the State Department.


The State Department is a tremendous government operation that receives thousands of passport requests. Since these are not the only duties maintained by the office, you should not expect a speedy turnaround time. Most requests take at least a month. This is the central problem for those with sudden travel plans. Luckily, it is possible to request expedited service. Your passport with extra pages can be returned sooner, but this rushed service will cost an extra sixty dollars.


When travel plans come up without warning, it can cause a great deal of worry. With expedited passport pages, you can put aside at least some of your travel worries. So, order your overnight passport, finish packing and enjoy your trip.

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