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My Passport (2000-2010)
passport locations
Image by nathangibbs
My passport expires this summer and I have to surrender it in order to renew it. I scanned it and put this flip book together as a video. Locations include Japan, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Greece, Spain, U.S., Germany.

The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea
Here's a checklist for each of the three locations involved: 1. In the Kitchen: The teakettle; fresh … Lisa Mirza Grotts is a recognized etiquette expert, on-air contributor, and the author of A Traveler's Passport to Etiquette. She is a former …
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Time remains to complete your GeoTour
To participate in the King County Parks GeoTour, go to to find the passport, which includes instructions and space for 20 stamps that can be found in geocache boxes hidden at the 20 different locations. Participants have until …
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Divorce will have no effect on son's citizenship
Today, I provide detail about which children get U.S. citizenship automatically when immigrating here. Meanwhile, have your friend's son get a U.S. passport. To decide whether a person derived U.S. citizenship from a parent, we look at two sets of rules.
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Parallel POA to discuss participation in Islamic Games
Please note that all passports have to be valid at least until March 22, 2014. Attached is the list of NOC Pakistan's passports unqualified according to expiry date requirements. Please get back to us soon after these people's passports have been …
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Replacing a Lost Passport in Houston

Losing something important, like your passport, is not fun. However, once you’ve torn apart your house and your car looking for it, there comes a time when you simply have to let go, bite the bullet and get it replaced. Let’s take a look at the options available for replacing a lost passport in Houston, Texas.


Reporting your Lost Passport


No matter where you are, once you’ve given up on finding your passport the first thing to do is to call it in. You can report your passport lost or stolen by calling 1-877-487-2778. Don’t do this until you’ve looked everywhere, though-much a like a credit card, a lost passport is invalidated and cannot be used again once it has been canceled.


Replacing Your Lost Passport


If you don’t need your new passport immediately, you can replace it by applying in person at a passport acceptance facility, like a post office or library. You can find the nearest acceptance facility by using the Department of State’s website.


To get your passport replaced,you’ll need to bring the following items:


Proof of identity, like a driver’s license or other state ID

Proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate or naturalization certificate

2 passport photos

Passport application form DS-11

Form DS-64, a statement regarding a lost or stolen passport


Once you submit the required paperwork and pay your fees, you’ll have to wait approximately 6 weeks for your new passport to arrive in the mail.

Paying an additional $ 60 and requesting expedited service will cut this time down to around 3 weeks, as long as you also pay for overnight shipping to and from the facility that processes passport applications.


Houston Passport Office

If you’re about to leave the country and you just realized that you don’t have your passport, you can get a lost passport replaced more quickly by making an appointment at the Houston passport agency office at 1919 Smith Street. Located on the 4th floor of the Mickey Leland Federal Building, this passport office can replace a lost passport generally within 14 hours. In addition to the documents mentioned above, you’ll also need a copy of your itinerary showing that you will be leaving the country within the next two weeks. The office is open by appointment only and doesn’t accept walk-ins, so call 1-877-487-2778 to set up an appointment.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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More US citizens opting out
Shunned by Swiss and German banks and facing tougher asset-disclosure rules under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca), more of the estimated 6 million Americans living overseas are weighing the cost of holding a US passport. "With the …
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A taste of Bordentown City
Passport tickets for the event cost $ 10 per person in advance and $ 15 the day of the event. The passport allowed guests to sample a variety of dishes served by participating eateries, including The Vault, Corner Deli of Bordentown, Sweeties Ice Cream, …
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Swift return to summer worship
Then there are the pockets for notebook, pens, digital recorder, compact camera, magnifying lens, maps, field guides, Leatherman tool, compass… and don't forget keys, coins, wallet, passport and mobile phone, too. The trousers and waistcoat have a …

Passport Office inundated with requests

Passport Office inundated with requests
The Passport Office predicts it will receive around 310,894 Post Office check and send applications, 103,446 Postal Direct applications, 78,478 electronic applications, 40,427 Premium (1 day) counter applications and 27,064 Fast Track Counter (1 week) …
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Democrats to pick Senate 42 nominee Tuesday
The state's new Voter ID requirements will be in effect, so voters should bring either: a driver's license or ID card issued by S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles; a state voter registration card with a photo; a federal military ID or a U.S. passport …
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Morocco: “Daniel Gate” Sparks Unprecedented National Outrage
The fact that Daniel Galván left the Moroccan territory immediately after his release, with an expired passport, raised even more questions as of the reason why he was pardoned in the first place. His past as an Iraqi spy who worked with Spanish secret …
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Most wanted tax fugitives list extended after one out of 20 is caught in first
The appeal helped provide intelligence on 15 of the alleged offenders, no update on four, and one was captured, according to HMRC. A second man not included in the original list of 20 but later added to it has also been caught in the last 12 months …
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HMRC reveals names and faces of ten further tax-dodgers
The appeal helped provide intelligence on 15 of the alleged offenders, no update on four and one was captured, according to HMRC. A second man not included in the original list of 20 but later said to be on it has also been caught in the last 12 months …

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Suspected drug dealer from Andover nabbed trying to 'hide as a tourist' in
Petersen fled authorities in North Dakota in May, and the U.S. State Department then revoked his passport, setting the stage for his arrest, according to the U.S. Marshals Service's office in Fargo. On June 5, authorities issued a warrant for Petersen …
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Aadhaar not mandatory to avail govt services: Rajeev Shukla
"Aadhaar card is not mandatory to avail government services like opening basic (bank) accounts, admissions in schools, obtaining passport etc by any individual," Planning Minister Rajeev Shukla said in written reply to Rajya Sabha. However, according …
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Atheists Demand US Remove Lincoln's 'God' Quotes From US Passports
The FFRF's newest target (using its renewed infamy to delve deeper into the bizarre) are quotes from famous people. That's right. Abraham Lincoln shouldn't have mentioned God in his speeches. Thomas Jefferson's … FFRF is demanding that the U.S. State …
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Passport Renewal in Seattle

expired passport
by seq

Seattleites with expired passports have a number of different options for getting it replaced. Here’s a brief rundown of where to go and what you’ll need to apply for a passport renewal in Seattle.


Applying By Mail


Most adults are able to apply for a passport renewal by mail, with no need to show up in person at a Seattle passport office. You can apply by mail as long as all of the following conditions have been met:


The passport you are replacing was issued to you after your 16th birthday.

The passport you are replacing is less than 15 years old.

You still have your current passport, and it has not been lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise mutilated since it was issued to you.

If your name has changed, whether it be for marriage, divorce or any other reason, you can provide legal documents to support your name change request.


If you meet all of these conditions, you can apply for a new passport by filling out form DS-82 and sending in your old passport, one passport photo and documents to support your name change request, if applicable. You’ll also need to send payment for the fees, which can vary depending on whether or not you want to include a passport card or expedited service.


Applying in Person


If you don’t meet the requirements to apply by mail, you’ll need to apply in person at one of Seattle’s 11 passport acceptance facilities. You can find the one nearest you by looking on the Department of State’s website. Bring proof of identity and proof of citizenship, along with one passport photo and an appropriate payment method for the fees.


Applying at the Seattle Passport Agency Office


The Seattle Passport Agency is located in the Henry Jackson Federal Building on Second Avenue.

To apply here, you’ll need to make an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778. You are eligible to make an appointment if you need your passport renewal for urgent travel within the next 14 days, or if you are traveling within 3 weeks and need your passport renewed in order to apply for a foreign visa. In addition to the other documents listed above, bring a copy of your travel itinerary to the appointment. As long as all your paperwork is in order, you should get your passport renewal within 24 hours.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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