Ensure Safe And Secure Journey By Filling A New Passport Application And Obtaining The Passport

needs important verifying documents which establish his genuine purpose and identity him, erasing all possible terror threats from an unidentified foreigner who may harm the citizens of that particular nation and escape free from the clutches of the law of the land. Similar is the situation in US where one needs all the documents to travel through different parts of the country. The most important traveling document of them all is a passport which actually establishes your identity as the citizen of a particular nation citing all the necessary details that could be required at any pointy of time.

The immigration law of US is very strict and therefore to ensure that you have a safe and hassle free journey to various places in and outside the country its imperative to fill up a new passport application and apply before you get stuck into any legal case for not carrying a valid or a damaged or else an expired passport with the immigration authorities. If you happen to live in Texas then you can apply through various professional agencies offering Passport Service TX at affordable prices making sure they apply through the correct procedure with all the necessary documents required in the process. Employing the services of professional agencies and companies is very advantageous as these people are well experienced in the process and understand all the legal jargon and requirements which can be very strenuous and hectic for a layman. Besides some of you might also need a Travel Passport Green Card which ensures your safe re entry in the US therefore its advisable to hire professionals who are adept at these services.

With all the necessary documents your journey will be very smooth and enjoyable without any threat of breaching the law of the land you intend to travel. The changing times and frequent terror attacks have complicated these simple procedures which now require great expertise and reliability to ensure a safe and secure environment in your surroundings and therefore even different governments of nations are leaving no stone unturned to keeps the boundaries free from all the unsocial elements.

One should be very cooperative in handling these traveling documents to ensure safety from any untoward incident.

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Tips on Filling Out a US Passport Application

Many people postpone trips overseas because they do not want to fill out a US government passport application. What they don’t know is that the application process is actually simple. Even if you are not planning to leave the country any time soon, it is advisable to get a passport just in case.

Finding the application: The US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website should be the first place you visit. It has all the information you need about applying for a passport. At this website, you can print out the application. You can also type in your address and find passport offices in your area.

Submitting the application: If you are a minor, are applying for your first passport, got your last passport more than 15 years ago, or do not have your current passport for any reason, you will need to go to a passport office to submit your application. If you have your current passport and it is less than 15 years old, you can submit your application by mail.

How long it takes: If you have a time-sensitive situation that requires a passport, you will need to turn in your application very early. It generally takes about four to six weeks to get your passport. Try to plan ahead so that you do not have to worry about getting your passport in time.

Expedited passports: You can get your passport application expedited if you are in a hurry. If you opt to do this, your passport will arrive in two to three weeks. There is an additional $ 60 fee to use the expedited service and you will have to pay overnight shipping costs.

Photographs: When you fill out your application, you will need to submit two photographs of yourself. There are very specific requirements for the photographs.

It is a good idea to have these done by a professional photographer or the passport office to make sure the requirements are met.

Form DS-82: If you want to submit your passport application by mail, you will need to fill out Form DS-82. Follow the instructions carefully and write clearly. In addition to the form, you will need to send the two photographs, your old passport, and documentation of name changes.

Form DS-11: If you have never had a passport before or are completing the application on behalf of a minor, you will need Form DS-11. In the case of minors, both parents and the child need to go to the office. This form cannot be submitted by mail. You will need to bring your passport photographs, proof of US citizenship, and proof of identity.

Completing a US government passport application is an easy and beneficial process. You never know when you are going to need to leave the country. It may seem like a lot of information to think about, but it is actually quite simple. If you need to get a passport, make sure you plan ahead and apply well in advance so you get it in time. Once the application is completed, your part is done and they will send you your new passport.

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Filling Out Your US Passport Renewal Application

When it comes time to apply for your US passport renewal, the most important step is filling out the application correctly.


First, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using the correct form. Most of the time, if you’re applying for a US passport renewal you’ll want to use Form DS-82, which allows you to apply by mail. You are eligible to use this form as long as all of the following statements apply to you:


You know where your current US passport is, it has not been damaged or mutilated, and it is no more than 15 years old.

You were 16 or older when your current passport was issued.

The name on your passport matches the name you currently go by, or you have the legal documents to support a name change (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree).


If one or more of these statements doesn’t apply to you, use form DS-11 instead.


To fill out form DS-82, use black ink and make sure your handwriting is easy to read. If you flunked penmanship, consider typing the form and printing it.


The first page of the form lists the guidelines for using it, while the second page tells you where to send it, describes the different processing options available, and lists the items you need to send. Make sure you read these pages carefully.


The third page contains legal notices about the passport application process and tells you what to do if you lose your passport.

Read this page carefully as well. The fourth page is the page you actually need to fill out.


The first item to consider as you fill out the form is whether you want a passport book, a passport card or both. The passport card is cheaper but cannot be used for air travel or any travel outside of the Western Hemisphere-see Passports Vs. Passport Cards for more information.


Next, fill in your personal information and attach photos. Sign and date the bottom of the page, but note-there is one more page to complete, which asks for more personal information and about your travel plans.


If you’re smart, you’re renewing your passport before you need it, and you may not have travel plans. It’s okay to skip these boxes or write “not applicable” if you don’t have travel plans at this point.


Finally, enclose all the necessary documents with the last two pages of the DS-82 packet and mail them to the address on the information page of the packet with the appropriate fees. You should get your new passport in approximately 6 weeks for normal processing or 3 weeks for expedited processing.


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