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According to the recent studies, it has been noticed that many a people in the US has been facing problems due to sudden changes of regulations regarding the passport. There has been numerous instances where people have been send back to their home from the airport because there were defects detected in their passports at the penultimate moment. This has led to numerous heartbreaks as the aspiring first time foreign visitors has had their journeys cancelled at the last moment. To avoid these circumstances, all we need to do is to remember a few things which would help in avoiding the last moment hazards which might even lead to the cancellation of the proposed tours. Continue reading

Expedited and Renewed Passport Services Available Through

Expedited and Renewed Passport Services Available Through
Typically these centers are located at post offices and County Clerk's offices nationwide. … advises that all mail should be sent through FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day services, and not U.S. Postal Service Express Mail.
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Expired shotgun certificate and passport stolen
A PASSPORT and an expired shotgun certificate was stolen from a VW Transporter van parked outside a home in Kempsey. Thieves … Remember you are personally responsible for what you post on this site and must abide by our site terms. Do not post …
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Police verification of passport applicants to be expedited

Police verification of passport applicants to be expedited
The average time taken for police verification of passport applications have been brought down to 25 days and steps are being taken to reduce it further, said M.Ramasubramani, Inspector General of Police, Central Zone, Tiruchi, here on Friday. “From …
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Reliable Expedited Passport Processing

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Come Again, Little Dramani!
Anyway, on her first appearance before a Crown criminal court judge in Metropolitan London, Ms. Nayele Ametefe, dubbed the Modern Cleopatra of Drug-Trafficking by some media operatives, was reported to have told the judge that she wanted the sentencing …

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DNA analysis starts on Nigeria building collapse victims
A total of 85 bodies will be flown back from Lagos – 81 South Africans, as well as the bodies of three Zimbabweans and a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who were all South African passport holders. Radebe denied there were diplomatic …
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Conservatives mulling legislation making it illegal to condone terrorist acts
He said work is already under way to provide law enforcement agencies with “additional tools” and that work will now be expedited. The dilemma faced by law enforcement agencies was highlighted by the case this week of Martin Couture-Rouleau. His …
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Applying for an Expedited Passport Without a Driver’s License

When you are applying for an expedited passport, it’s crucial to make sure that you have all of the correct documents with your application. Otherwise, you probably won’t get your passport on time. To apply for a passport, you need proof of identity and proof of citizenship. Most people use their driver’s license as proof of identity, but what if you don’t have one?


Here’s a list of other documents that can be used as primary identification to apply for an expedited passport:


An old passport, as long as it has not been damaged.

A copy of your naturalization certificate, if you are a naturalized citizen.

A current government-issued ID. This ID may be issued by your city, your state or the federal government.

A current military ID, if applicable.


What if you don’t have any of the documents listed above? That’s where it gets tricky: you’ll need to submit secondary identification instead of primary identification. Secondary identification comes in two flavors: a collection of documents that show you are who you claim to be and an identifying witness.


Bring as many documents as you can round up that prove you are who you say you are. Examples include but are not limited to: your social security card, credit cards, library cards, employee ID cards, student ID cards, yearbooks with your name and picture, insurance cards, professional licenses, union cards, degrees and diplomas and utility bills.


If possible, you should also bring an identifying witness who can vouch for you. The identifying witness must come with you when you apply for the passport, and must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident with photo identification. You can’t have just anyone vouch for you: the person must have known you for at least 2 years. He or she must fill out an affidavit testifying to your identity.


Passports are issued at the discretion of the Department of State, so if they aren’t satisfied they may request more information before sending you your passport. All the more reason to send in as much documentation as possible!


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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University responds to report claiming mistreatment of workers at NYUAD island
The group's report listed several concerns with NYUAD's workers' conditions, including issues with passport accessibility, unwritten contracts, mandatory overtime, unpaid wages, deportations without due process and failure to increase wages as promised …
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US lawyer jailed for air rage incident
The 49-year-old, who has an address at 90th Street, Queens, New York, was granted bail with conditions that he had to sign on daily at Store St Garda station in Dublin city-centre, surrender his passport and tell gardaí where he would be staying. His …

Mexican consulate hub of culture, compassion
Once I needed a U.S. consulate to help me get a new passport when I was living in a foreign country. They weren't exactly helpful or nice, but I eventually got what I needed. I remember standing in long lines in a cold building and being treated rudely …
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Former US Rep. David Rivera says he will run for Congress —again
Mulvihill said that, after she surrendered her passport last fall, Alliegro and “another individual” left Miami by flying to Texas, boarding a Greyhound bus to Mexico — where a U.S. passport isn't needed for entry — and then flying to her hideout in …