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Scottish households '£2000 better off if they reject independence'
For example, it cites academic research estimating that trade between the US and Canada is 44 per cent lower than it would be if there were no international border between them. But the civil service analysis states that trade is lower between …

Remembing WEB Du Bois: A Towering Figure Who Died 50 Years Ago
In 1950 Du Bois ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate on the left-wing American Labor Party ticket. In 1953 the US State Department revoked Du Bois's passport. Increasingly disillusioned with the United States, Du Bois officially joined the Communist …
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Americans Giving Up Passports Jump Sixfold as Tougher Rules Loom
Shunned by Swiss and German banks and facing tougher asset-disclosure rules under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, more of the estimated 6 million Americans living overseas are weighing the cost of holding a U.S. passport. “With the looming …
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