Flying Abroad To Russia: Getting Both A United States Passport And Russian Visa

Tensions were high between the two superpowers during the Cold War; since then, the Americans and Russians have fixed their alliance and eased the visa requirements. In spite of the ease in tensions between the two, there is a checklist of tasks that flyers must complete, and if you expect to travel, whether it be on business or for pleasure, you will need both a passport and visa. For the first-time traveler who has never gone out of the U.S., he may be unsure of the procedures for applying for a passport or Russian visa.

Passport Qualifications

A United States passport is a bit tough to acquire and requires travelers to complete a few small steps from the U.S. State Department’s website.

Step one: Fill out a DS-11 form either online or by hand, and in order to finish the document, you will need to provide your social security number and a valid home address.

Step two: When finishing your DS-11 form, it is vital to remember to not sign the document until an Acceptance Agent has gone over everything and given you permission to sign the form.

Step three: You may submit your forms to a certified government building, but if you are not positive where to submit the paperwork to, you may click on the provided link to find the nearest government building.

Step four: United States Passports requirements state that an applicant must include valid proof of citizenship along with their DS-11 forms, and proof may come in the form of a copy of a naturalization certificate, birth certificate or certificate of citizenship. When applying in person, you must have proof of identification, either with government identification, driver’s license or citizenship certificate.

Step five: Make photocopies of your identification documents using blank white sheets of paper, then simply pay the fee and include an additional photo used for your passport.

Russian Visa Requirements

Russian Visas, no matter the class you apply for, will all have the same prerequisites for procurement.

Step one: You must understand the type of visa you need for your trip, and if you are unsure as to which one you will need, you may click on the following link:

Step two: Once you understand the type of visa you may need, you need to receive an invitation for a Russian visa, normally provided to you through a travel agent.

Step three: Pick up the Russian visa abroad from the Russian embassy; for travelers, this is often the hardest part of applying for a visa.

Travel Document Systems, Inc. is the leading travel agency for visas and US passports. For nearly 30 years we have served travel professionals, tour operators, cruise lines, as well as corporate and individual international travelers. TDS specializes in travel that involves visas for more than one country.

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Obtaining A Children Passport Applications

Just as every U. S. adult must present a valid passport for international air travel, so must each child have their own passport. At one time, children under a certain age could travel on their parent’s passport but that law has changed and now each must have their own. The requirements for a children passport applications are similar to that of getting an adult passport except for a couple of major particulars to which careful attention must be paid.

Every child under the age of 16 must apply in person with the application for a new passport, DS -11. DS-11 is the standard application for a new passport. The form DS-11 should be filled out but should not be signed until the agent requests it.

The child also must have acceptable proof of citizenship which can be a certified birth certificate, naturalization certification, consular record of birth abroad or citizenship certificate. If it is not possible to access these primary documents there are some secondary documents that can be used such as baptismal certificate, public school records, public records or family bibles. However, secondary documents will require a combination of documents rather than one.

In addition to documentation proving the child’s citizenship, the parents of the child must be present and submit identification such as a valid passport or government issued identification. Proof of relationship to the child for whom the passport is being issued is required for minors under the age of 16. Court adoption records, birth certificates naming both parents or legal guardianship papers can be used for those purposes.

Requirements for passports for minors aged 16 and 17 vary slightly but in a couple of significant ways. The minors aged 16 and 17 must appear to apply in person and they must either present photo ID or have a parent present their photo ID if they don’t have their own. A express passport application for a minor 16 or 17 can be presented by the minor with themselves as the applicant, unlike younger persons who require the presence of both parents for an application.

There are circumstances wherein children might be able to travel to a foreign country without the necessity of a passport. A cruise ship which leaves from a US port and whose destination is a port in the Western Hemisphere might not require the passengers have a valid passport. On the other hand, it is important to know that the country where the ship arrives may require visitors to have one.

Groups of US or Canadian children traveling with school, religious or sports organizations to countries which are adjacent to theirs may present a birth certificate rather than a passport. This regulation is applicable to arrival by land or sea. Air travel still requires a US passport for the child to travel.

When applying for a passport for child fast, it will normally take four to six weeks for the passport to arrive. If the passport is desired sooner, an urgent passport might be requested which can shorten the wait time to two to four weeks.

New Passport Pages – Simple Route

If you want to go somewhere outside the US, then you will definitely need a passport. If you do not have one, you may end up being stuck at home without any chance visiting different cultures. Another significant thing to remember is that it is also necessary to have enough blank passport pages any time.


When the passbook contains only two to four blank pages, it is time to get a refill. If the passbook is not due for renewal, the holder will need to have more blank sheets added to the current document. Those who do not travel frequently must remember to complete this task well in advance of embarking on an international trip.


There is not a lot involved in getting additional sheets for the passbook. Individuals only need to complete the government DS-4085 form.. This form may be found online at the State Department Web site and either completed electronically or by hand. Either way, the completed form must be submitted via mail because the government will not allow for electronic submission. Handwritten forms should contain legible information, so applicants should print clearly when completing the document.


If obtaining the form via the Web is not possible, individuals may travel to the Passport Acceptance Facility or Agency in order to get a copy of the DS-4085. The completed form and current passbook must be submitted to the appropriate government agency for processing.

There is no cost to get more passport pages through the standard government processing service. The documents should be sent in a secure package with confirmation of delivery that will allow the item to be tracked.


The standard government processing time for these requests is up to six weeks. This may not be fast enough for many travelers so the government provides an expedited service that costs $ 60.00. Expediting the paperwork will result in the new passbook being received within three weeks.. When this service is elected, it is recommended that the package be sent via overnight mailing methods and marked for expedited processing.


If three weeks is still too long, a passbook holder may opt for a rush processing service offered through a private company. Rush handling will provide the holder with the passbook containing additional sheets within as little as 24 hours. The passbook holder will need to pay the private company several hundred dollars for overnight processing, plus the $ 60.00 expediting fee charged by the government. In addition, shipping charges for overnight mail delivery will be incurred.


There will be several additional forms required when using a private company for processing. In addition to the DS-4085 government form, the passbook holder must complete a document that authorizes the company to act on behalf of the individual. Applicants who request processing within seven business days or less must submit a copy of the flight itinerary, airline ticket, or employer authorization letter. Any of these will serve as proof that the passbook holder has immediate travel plans.


In order to get additional passport pages in the quickest manner, individuals can request that a private company work with the government to process the paperwork. This will provide the traveler with an updated U.S. passport in a short time but it will also cost several hundred dollars. The alternatives are to pay .00 for two to three week processing through the government or get four to six-week turnaround at no charge.

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Us Passport Renewal Faq

Who can renew a passport by mail?

The U.S. government has established specific criteria concerning who can and cannot apply for a renewal by mail. What are the criteria? First of all, you have to be able to submit your most recent passport. This means that it cannot be damaged or mutilated in any way.

Another criterion is that your travel document had to have been issued to you within the last 15 years. This means that you can sometimes get it renewed even after it has expired. Of course, if it was issued when you were a minor then you cannot get it renewed. You will have to apply for a new one by appearing at an application acceptance facility and submitting form DS-11.

You can even apply for a renewal by mail if your name has changed as long as you can submit an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or the government-issued document that serves as evidence to your legal name change under federal or state law.

When should I apply for a renewal?

It is recommended that applicants send the renewal application approximately nine months before their travel document expires. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, it allows ample time for the application to be processed. Secondly, it allows you to maintain a passport with at least six months validity in it. This is the amount of time many countries require be in your travel document before they will issue a travel visa to you.

Waiting until close to the expiration date or the document actually expires could result in the need to pay extra fees if you need to have it renewed with urgency. It is best to renew it early. You can even apply for a renewal more than nine months before it expires but there is no need.

What do I need to get it renewed?

Besides your most recent, undamaged passport, you need to submit the completed application form DS-82, two identical photos that are 2×2 inches and a certified document that proves your name change if that is the case. You also need to send the payment for the application fee(s).

How long does it take to get a passport renewal?

It depends on how quickly you need to get it. You have two options when renewing by mail. Regular processing of an application takes four to six weeks. Expedited service takes two to three weeks. There is an additional fee if you want to expedite the application. The time required to process application forms can change depending on demand. Peak travel periods and inauguration of new requirements can cause processing times to be extended.

These are just a few of the more frequently asked questions concerning renewals. They should, however, give you a basic understanding of what is required to get your travel document renewed.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide for complete instructions on how to renew a passport or apply for a travel visa, download application form DS-82, ask your own questions and read insightful travel destination articles for American citizens who travel internationally for business or pleasure.

Some Necessities To Obtain A Us Passport Fast

There are situations that may require passports online fast for situations that deem urgent in nature. One can now get the necessary travel documents within just twenty four hours if needed; the other alternative is waiting for as many as six weeks. There are many terms and specific documentation required the approval of the forms.

There is specific application that are each located under each kind of passport required for the customer. Having an adobe reader is a must in order to view any of the applications. There is no cost to obtain any forms or other information for the client. As for filling out any printed documents, they must be issued on a specific size and a black ink.

The choice of filling out or downloading the form online is provided to the customer for convenience. However this choice can only be used if you had a prior passport and it was issued at an age of 16 or older, within the last 15 years or it is within the client’s possession. The renewal forms are also known as the DS-82.

For new expedited passport service, one must have never previously owned a passport, less than 16, or it was lost or stolen. If the document is taken from your possession than one must fill out two separate forms the DS-11 and DS-64. The method can also be used the certificate was damaged but is not expired.

The child’s issues documents are the DS-3053-DS-11 and can be used for anyone under fifteen year of age. If for some reason one of the legal custodians cannot be there at time of issuing, there is a DS-3035 that needs to be also filled out. All the sheets that need to be accessed can all be located online and each has a separate category depending of the needs of the patron.

Any time a travel document is requested all information must be filled according to instructions given for a smooth process. The credentials could be basic information to employment, birth, gender, SSN and other characteristics of the applicant. Having the appropriate information handy and readily available will guarantee a much easier process.

Of the vital credentials that are needed in order to complete an online application it is mandatory to have sufficient documentation as it can be rejected if it is not compatible. Any photographs taken must be only of the person applying, 2×2 inches and within about six months. There are several retailers who can provide this service at excellent rates; some even less than ten dollars.

Applying for passpost fast is a quick and easy procedure that can be completed in a few steps. Making sure the right identification is available will provide better chances to receive time sensitive documents. All the costs vary depending on the type of service needed for the client’s demands. There is usually extra fees on top or regular processing for rush services; children are usually slightly cheaper compared to adult fees.

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Filling Out Your US Passport Renewal Application

When it comes time to apply for your US passport renewal, the most important step is filling out the application correctly.


First, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using the correct form. Most of the time, if you’re applying for a US passport renewal you’ll want to use Form DS-82, which allows you to apply by mail. You are eligible to use this form as long as all of the following statements apply to you:


You know where your current US passport is, it has not been damaged or mutilated, and it is no more than 15 years old.

You were 16 or older when your current passport was issued.

The name on your passport matches the name you currently go by, or you have the legal documents to support a name change (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree).


If one or more of these statements doesn’t apply to you, use form DS-11 instead.


To fill out form DS-82, use black ink and make sure your handwriting is easy to read. If you flunked penmanship, consider typing the form and printing it.


The first page of the form lists the guidelines for using it, while the second page tells you where to send it, describes the different processing options available, and lists the items you need to send. Make sure you read these pages carefully.


The third page contains legal notices about the passport application process and tells you what to do if you lose your passport.

Read this page carefully as well. The fourth page is the page you actually need to fill out.


The first item to consider as you fill out the form is whether you want a passport book, a passport card or both. The passport card is cheaper but cannot be used for air travel or any travel outside of the Western Hemisphere-see Passports Vs. Passport Cards for more information.


Next, fill in your personal information and attach photos. Sign and date the bottom of the page, but note-there is one more page to complete, which asks for more personal information and about your travel plans.


If you’re smart, you’re renewing your passport before you need it, and you may not have travel plans. It’s okay to skip these boxes or write “not applicable” if you don’t have travel plans at this point.


Finally, enclose all the necessary documents with the last two pages of the DS-82 packet and mail them to the address on the information page of the packet with the appropriate fees. You should get your new passport in approximately 6 weeks for normal processing or 3 weeks for expedited processing.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Passport Replacement Services

Whether your passport has been lost or stolen or is just expired, getting it replaced should be one of your top priorities. This is especially true if you have international travel plans. The procedure for replacing your passport will depend on whether your passport has gone AWOL or is merely expired.


Expired Passport Replacement


Adult passports are good for ten years, but really, you shouldn’t wait that long to replace your passport. Go ahead and apply for your passport replacement about 9 months before your expiration date. Many countries won’t let you in if your passport expires in less than 6 months, even though it’s technically still valid.


You can replace your expired passport through the mail as long as all of the following conditions are true:


Your passport has not been lost, stolen or damaged.

Your passport was issued when you were over the age of 16, and has been expired for less than five years.

Your passport shows the name you currently use, or you can provide legal documents like a marriage certificate or court order to request a name change.


To renew by mail, fill out a copy of passport renewal application Form DS-82. Send it to the address provided along with your current passport, a new passport photo and legal documents referencing your name change if necessary. Also include a check or money order for the appropriate fees.


If you don’t meet the requirements for renewing by mail, see the directions on replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport below.


Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport Replacement

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport, you must apply in person at a post office or other passport acceptance facility.

Bring all of the following documents:


Proof of identity, such a driver’s license, state ID card or military ID.

A photocopy of your ID.

Proof of citizenship, such as an official copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal, a naturalization certificate or a certificate of citizenship.

One passport photo


Also, bring a check or money order to pay the required fees.


At the office, you’ll fill out passport application form DS-11 and form DS-64 to explain what happened to your old passport. The old passport will be canceled, and your new passport should arrive in about 6 weeks.


Expedited Passport Replacement


You can expedite passport replacement services in three ways: paying an additional $ 60 fee to the Department of State, which will expedite processing to 3 weeks; making an appointment to apply at a regional passport agency (only available if you have a true travel emergency); or using a private passport expediting service (the most convenient option for most people, though you do have to pay a fee to the expediting company).


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Expedited Passport Forms

When you are requesting an expedited passport, it’s important to be sure that you’re filling out all of the appropriate forms. After all, there’s really no time for a redo. Here’s a rundown of some of the different expedited passport forms that you might encounter:


Expedited Passport Form DS-11


Form DS-11 is an application for a new passport. It is used when you have not previously been issued a passport, or if your existing passport was issued when you were 16 or younger. You must submit form DS-11 in person at a passport acceptance facility or passport agency office, along with proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and 2 passport photos. Don’t sign the form until you are at the acceptance office and the acceptance agent tells you to.


Expedited Passport Form DS-82


Form DS-82 is for people who are eligible to renew their passport by mail. You are eligible for passport renewal by mail so long as your passport is undamaged and in your possession, was issued when you were 16 or older and is less than 15 years old, and you have documentation to support any name change requests. When you mail form DS-82, include your current passport, 2 new passport photos and documents to support any name changes. Don’t forget to sign the form before you send it!


Expedited Passport Form DS-64


Form DS-64 is used in conjunction with Form DS-11 to replace a lost or stolen passport.

This form requests that you provide information about the lost or stolen passport, the circumstances in which it was lost or stolen, and the efforts you made to get it back. This information goes into the Consular Lost or Stolen Passport system, and the passport will be flagged in case someone else tries to use it to get in or out of the country.


Authorization Letter


An authorization letter is used when you are applying for your passport through a private visa expediting company. The letter gives the company permission to meet with the Department of State on your behalf and submit your application.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Passport Application Forms

Are you unsure about which passport application form you may need? Do you know what form you need but do not know how to fill it out? It is important that you choose the right passport application form and complete it correctly so that you avoid unnecessary delays and problems in obtaining your travel document. Following is a list of passport application forms and a description of each.

U.S. Passport Form DS-11

When filling out the application, be sure to use black ink and print legibly. You must not sign the application until you have taken the oath that is to be administered by any authorized passport acceptance agent.

You must use the DS-11 form if you have never possessed a passport before or were under age 16 when you obtained your last one. Also, if you have a passport but it was issued more than 15 years ago, you need to use this form. Lastly, this is the application form you use if your passport was lost or stolen. In that case, you have to fill out form DS-64 as well.

U.S. Passport Form DS-82

This form has been updated as of February 2, 2008. This will include the renewal of your regular Passport and the new U.S. Passport Card. These will come to you in the mail.

This form can be file by any U.S. citizen who is seeking to renew his or her Passport or U.S. Passport Card by mail. You must meet certain criteria before you can used Form DS-82. You can also complete this form online using the Adobe Reader program.

Form DS-82 is available to be downloaded at your convenience. However, certain filing instructions may be missing. If it is not filled out correctly, your application may be denied. An immigration guide will contain all instructions and procedures and is available to be downloaded on your computer.

U.S. Passport Form DS-5504

This form has been updated as of February 2, 2008.

This form is usually filed by a citizen of the United States who is applying for data change in his or her U.S. Passport or Passport Card that is currently valid. Form DS-5504 requires that you make the changes within a year of the date that the passport was issued. One of the changes most frequently requested is a name change. This usually occurs through marriage and requires you send a certified copy of your marriage certificate to verify the change.

U.S. Passport Form DS-4085

This form may be filed by any U.S. citizen who may want to apply for more visa pages that are to be attached to his or her valid passport. This form can only be filed by a U.S. citizen passport holder that is now here in this country. Form DS-4085 additionally may be recognized as the Department of State Passport Form DS4085 or the immigration form DS-4085. Passport Services no longer issues 48-page passports but will add pages.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide to download passport applications and discover where to get a passport.

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