Follow These Steps to Get Child Passport Without Hazards

You might be a knowledgeable person when it comes to awareness regarding attaining a passport. But when it comes to securing a passport for your child, there are certain regulations awareness regarding which might prove to be vital especially for the parents of the new born babies or for that matter the parents who are travelling for the first time with their children. Continue reading

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Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials
Minnesota is just one of four states – the others are Louisiana, New Hampshire and New York – not in compliance with Real ID. Some states, such as Wisconsin, offer residents a choice between an older-style license and a federally compliant license.
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Status of US citizen's child depends on a number of factors
Jose, New York. A. Whether a child gets U.S. citizenship through birth to a U.S. citizen abroad depends on when the child was born, whether the child was born to married parents, the nationality or citizenship of the other parent and how much time the …
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Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?

Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?
United States was argued on December 1, 2014 and itis a case originating near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is one of three cases still pending from December, with nine other cases already decided. Anthony Elonis is challenging a 44-month prison sentence …
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Visa complexity vexes parents of dual nationality Chinese children
This means that Chinese authorities will not recognize a child's passport from the home country of one of his parents until the parents make a formal — and complicated — application to "cancel" their child's Chinese citizenship. The process can take …
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UPDATED: Banbury child sexual exploitation gang sentenced

UPDATED: Banbury child sexual exploitation gang sentenced
It relates to an offence where he was found in possession or control of a false South African passport and UK resident permit. Speaking during sentencing, Judge Zoe Smith said: “The victims' personal … Thames Valley Police carried out warrants to …
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Passport Office to be stripped of agency status after soaring summer backlog
The Home Office last year cut several passport offices within foreign embassies at an annual saving of £20m and moved the work to centres in Liverpool, Durham and Belfast. The decision was also intended to boost security, as it was considered too risky …
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What you can do to speed up your passport application

What you can do to speed up your passport application
To renew a standard 32-page adult passport under the Fast Track 'one week' service costs £103. You cannot use these services if you are applying for your first adult passport. You are unable to get a child's first passport – or renew an existing one …
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The Lost Passport and Wallet (Filmed in Japan) The night before I left for Tokyo, I lost my passport and wallet. This is the story of how I found it and what happen after I humbl…
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To obtain a new passport for the first time for an adult or child or to get a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged you will need to visit a passport acc…

Wife and child of Islamic State leader Baghdadi held in Lebanon

Wife and child of Islamic State leader Baghdadi held in Lebanon
If so, the revelation would support the claim of international involvement. The US and other states have samples of Baghdadi's DNA from the nine months he spent in US custody in Iraq in 2004. The British Foreign Office said it had nothing to add to the …
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SKN Passport Re-Issuance Begins Wednesday
The e-passports can be returned to the Passport Office in Basseterre, the Federal Office or the Premier's Ministry in Nevis. Application forms can be obtained locally from Health and Community Centres, Post Offices, and Passport Offices, and the …
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Scope of Nanny Agency and Nanny Jobs in New York

It would be exciting to get a job in glamorous and cozy work environment, roaming and traveling around the world with rich people or celebrities and caring for their small children. Most of the professional couples hire nannies those can do care for their kids in their absence. If you genuinely love being around kids, then nanny jobs are the perfect career options for you. A nanny should have deep understanding of domestic child care industry, job responsibilities of a nanny with required qualifications and professional training. This job requires lot patience and dedication.

A good nanny enjoys working for kids for long hours while their parents are at work. It’s her duty to fulfill child’s emotional, intellectual and social needs. Their honesty and devotion has positive contribution in personal and social development of children. She provides personal attention and customized care and proves to be nurturing, caring and trustworthy friend of children. Being a nanny is the most challenging and rewarding task. With every new job she has to adjust in new living environment, adapt the families’ lifestyle and understand their requirements. There are some recommended educational qualifications for nannies such as:

1. She should be competent enough to cater the development (emotional and social) needs of children.
2. She should have good observational skills to access or study children’s behavior.
3. She should have ability to plan disciplined and interesting routine and implement it efficiently.
4. She needs to create a nurturing environment for children that develop trust, independency and confidence in them.
5. She should be clever enough to use her behavior management skills while interacting with children.
6. Her behavioral techniques should be appropriate according to the children’s age.
7. She should be skilled to plan and execute learning and recreational activities for children which are appropriate according to development stages of children.
8. She should have good knowledge of recreational activities and play materials and has fine selection ability that would help in proper development and care of children.
9. She should carry a positive, professional and disciplined attitude.
10. Nanny should have effective communicating skills as well. A nanny becomes a part of family by establishing loving relationship with both children and their parents.

It is difficult to find a good nanny in New York City where everyone is busy with his/her professional life and don’t have much time to spend with their children. The excellent career scope makes it most desirable job for women who love being around children and aspiring to adopt this as their profession. Some roles and responsibilities of nanny are as follow:

1. Understand and nurture the basic physical and emotional needs of children
2. Expertise in meal planning and cooking that increase appetite of children
3. Caring of children’s belongings like toys, books, clothes etc.
4. Maintain children’s area such as bedroom, bathroom, playroom etc.
5. Perform some laundry work like washing the baby’s disperses, clothes, creasing and ironing them
6. Plan recreational activities and day outs for children
7. Plan and follow disciplined behavioral course of action
8. Behave strictly when required
9. Provide intellectual, emotional and social stimulation
10. Facilitate their transport
11. Perform some housekeeping chores, which are concerned to the children
12. Ready to travel with the family

With the increasing popularity of this glamorous and comfortable career in-home child care industry various licensed nanny agencies are providing professionally qualified and experienced nannies. Along with this, agencies prepare work agreement between nanny and family for assurance that includes job responsibilities and duties with detailed description, information of employer and employee, time frame, employer’s tax obligations, compensation packages (like salary, how & when payment will be done, overtime compensations, health benefits and fringe benefits), terms of termination, notice and dismissal, work agreement review, probationary period, driving rules and more.

The author is a social worker and consultant specializing in child care, sharing his knowledge about searching a right nanny agency for nannies in the need of nanny jobs in New York.

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