Save Yourself From Flight Cancellation Hazards

People nowadays need to travel more than ever before. They need to travel for various reasons ranging from hard-core professional issues to fully customized family issues like travel or a visit to some other family member’s place. Now, with the increase in the amount of travel, the consequent traffic has also grown in number which has led to an increase in newer types of hazards in relation to travel. One of these hazards is definitely the increase in the number of cancelled flights which has been putting a lot of people under a lot of problems from various points of view. Continue reading

Choose a Group Trip – Vital Things to Consider and Make it a Memorable One

Are you planning to go on a group trip for your next vacation? If answered yes, you can be ready to meet some like-minded people and make the most out of your dollars. When you see the others being interested in the same itinerary, you tend to be satisfied to be on a trip with people who have the same interest as yours. The cost of the entire trip will cover some sight-seeing of popular tourist spots, meals and some other inclusions will lead to big-time savings. As long as choosing a group trip is concerned, there are hundreds of options. Know how you can find the best group for you. Continue reading

Pinoy passport applicants in Malaysia can check status online

Pinoy passport applicants in Malaysia can check status online
Filipinos who applied for a new passport or a passport renewal in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia can now check their application status online, according to the Philippine Embassy. "Using the Passport Application Number provided by the encoders towards the …
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Latest Application For A Us Passport News

5th and 6th graders can still enjoy winter ski passports
Some of Utah's snowiest months are still ahead of us. So don't let your fifth and sixth graders get stuck inside … For the 5th or 6th Grade Passport, apply online or print an application at Questions may be answered by emailing …
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State Department approves city's request to process passports
After seven months without a passport office in Jacksonville – and lingering questions over Jacksonville Passport Office's closure – the U.S. State Department this week granted a request for the city to process the travel document, possibly in February …
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Need a passport or stamp? Check out your local library
Morgan Holzhauer of Holtwood, left, fills out a passport application for her 5-month-old son J.R., who is being held by his father Eric Holzhauer, at Quarryville Library. … “It helps to strengthen us,” she said, “and it helps to connect us with the …
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WD My Passport Wireless Interview – Newegg TV

WD My Passport Wireless Interview - Newegg TV | Wireless Attached Storage: N82E16822236780 N82E16822236773 Travel much? Check out the new …

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How to Find a Lost Passport

Nothing gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach like a lost passport. Before you panic, try using the following strategies to see if you can locate this important document:


Step 1: Remain Calm


There’s no sense in getting all worked up over a lost passport. Seriously, the more flustered you get, the less likely you are to be able to find it again. So, before you start looking, take a deep breath and calm down.


Step 2: Think Back


Now that you’re calm, think back to the last time you had your passport. Was it the last time you traveled overseas, or did you use it as ID to apply for a job or a new driver’s license? Once you remember where you had it last, consider where you might have put it.


Think carefully through this step. For example, if you remember putting it back in the drawer where it was supposed to be but it’s not there now, ask yourself if you’ve rummaged through or reorganized the drawer since then.


Also, ask your family or anyone else who might have seen your passport to join you in this exercise.


Step 3: Make a List, Check it Twice


Now, make a list of all the possible places that you could have put your lost passport. Then, check each place thoroughly and methodically. Also, check the entire 18-inch area around the places where you think your passport might be. It might have gotten knocked underneath or between other objects. f you still haven’t found your passport, go through the whole process again.


Step 4: Replacing your Lost Passport


Don’t be afraid to repeat the process above more than once, but at some point you have to be willing to give up and move on. To replace a lost passport, you’ll need to apply in person at a post office or other passport acceptance facility. Regular passport processing takes 6 weeks or longer, while the government’s expedited processing takes 3 weeks. If you need faster service to replace your lost passport, you can apply at a Regional Passport Agency Office or use a private passport expediting company.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Check, check and check again

Check, check and check again
Rattling off the names of her parents, Anne to her shock was told that while she was welcome to enter Israel, her ability to depart would be stymied if she did not renew her Israeli passport or obtain from the Interior Ministry a 24-hour pass to leave …
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Passport eligibility rule raises conundrum for players
If she wishes to play in the Asian Games, she has no option, but to renounce her Canadian citizenship, become a Chinese national and then apply for a passport. Then if she wants to reclaim her Canadian citizenship, she faces a lengthy naturalisation …
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Passport Application Process 'Not Easy' for Uyghurs

Going on holiday? Check your passport
apply for passport
Image by ukhomeoffice
More than one million people left it until the eleventh hour to apply for a passport last summer and risked delaying or missing out on their summer holidays.

This month the message is clear – check your passport and apply early. And to remind people the Identity and Passport Service has launched Passport Pete, a cartoon about a man who didn’t check his passport in time and missed out on a holiday.

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Passport Application Process 'Not Easy' for Uyghurs
Ethnic Uyghurs in China's troubled Xinjiang region are facing increasing travel restrictions despite a policy introduced last month aimed at simplifying procedures for citizens to apply for passports, sources say. The new policy allows applicants to …
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Google's misleading 'driver's licence' link lost me £80
I fell for one of the third-party websites charging fees for "passport renewal" when, in fact, it was a form printing service. I Googled "renew child passport" and found a link directly to the UK Passport Online Application Service's child passport …
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