Saakashvili spoils Georgian-Ukrainian relations

Saakashvili spoils Georgian-Ukrainian relations
Moreover, according to a recent recognition of foreign minister Tamara Beruchashvili, the Georgian Foreign Ministry has not even annulled the diplomatic passport of Mikhail Saakashvili. … According to local experts, those Ukrainian authorities are …
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Global Travel Needs to Be Part of the Solution
While digital technology and mobile devices have made it easier than ever to plan a trip, book a flight and reserve a hotel room, nations still cling to last century rules and restrictions for visas and passports. To improve … Read all the posts in …
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Government of Canada expands passport services in Brantford, Ontario
16, 2015 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada today announced the opening of passport receiving services within the Service Canada Centre in Brantford, Ontario, located at 58 Dalhousie Street. This will ….. This is a no-hype, pragmatic post about why I …
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Alberto Nisman's Death Underscores Argentina's Legacy Of Mysterious Violence
A year and a half ago, I talked to Alberto Nisman, the Argentine special prosecutor whose mysterious death has made international headlines. I didn't know Nisman, but I knew the case he was investigating: the terrorist bombing that killed 85 people at …
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Travel Troubles: What To Do When You Lose Your Passport Abroad

Travel Troubles: What To Do When You Lose Your Passport Abroad
The consular officer taking an application for replacement of a lost, stolen, or misplaced passport must be reasonably satisfied as to your identity and citizenship before issuing the replacement. In virtually all cases this can be done through …
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Canada gunman wanted a passport to go to Mideast
OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — He seemed lost, "did not fit in," had drug problems, and went more than five years without seeing his mother. In recent weeks, he had been living at a homeless shelter and had talked about wanting to go to Libya — or Syria …
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Barrett: Cardale Jones can do it all
Thanks to Barrett's accuracy and quick decision-making skills, Ohio State emphasized its passing attack a bit more after it lost Miller's incomparable athleticism as a rusher. Jones isn't known for his pinpoint passing, but he has a much stronger arm …
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How to Apply :-Tourist Visa For Canada

The visit to Canada should be carefully planned as the citizens of certain countries must provide more than the entry in the passport. Some countries, such as the United States, Denmark and Spain, at the following additional requirements, but if your country is one that makes you want to plan well in advance of your trip to Canada.

There is quite a long list of the countries of Canada is an additional entrance requirements. The best site is the complete list of Canada and Immigration Canada website. This is an excellent source of updated information on which citizens must meet the requirements for visiting Canada.

If you find that your country is included, to start as soon as possible to gather as much information as you can. Each country’s visa processing office has slightly different requirements, in addition to what is described in this article, which is meant as an overview of the visa.

Depending on the nature of your position, you must fill out the form correctly in Canada. When forms are numbers, the IMM 5256, IMM 5257 and IMM 5259, which are all visa applications, but the difference depends on when you enter the tour, business or work. Be sure to choose the right application for your visit.

All applicants must have a valid passport from your target country. Besides, two passport photos must be included with your form. Supporting documentation is also important as you need to show how long your trip is one that you visit to see family and friends and maybe work out. It can be letters, from friends, asking you to visit if your plane tickets. If you need to work in Canada, your employer provides health check for your future.

There may be additional requirements depending on their country of origin. Some states require a personal interview with the visa section, and may also request that you provide a medical examination to prove their good health. Be prepared to meet these requests, and plan a way to postpone his trip.

Application tourist visa costs depend on whether you only need one input document or, if you intend to return to Canada several times. Fees run from $ 75.00 to $ 150.00 per person, respectively. Each person in your travel group, individual groups have to pay taxes are not.

This outline should be helpful in planning a visit to Canada and get the tourist visa, but be sure to research specific to your country. The Internet has many resources such as Canada and Immigration Canada site, which is considered to be current.

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Diaspora Nigerians Want to Vote in Elections

Diaspora Nigerians Want to Vote in Elections
… of this year and that the biometric advancement made in the renewal of international travelling document could be replicated for the elections. "Today some of us do not need to travel to Nigeria to either obtain or renew our international passport …

Travel letters: Passports are needed for Canada, Mexico
Regarding the Sept. 21 "On the Spot" column on passports by Catharine Hamm: She neglected to mention that passports are now required for travel to Canada or Mexico. This is undoubtedly a factor in the dramatic increase in the number of passport holders …
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Find More Information About Usa Embassy Online

The USA embassy online provides all details that is required for a person to travel to some other country. Firstly the person has to have a valid passport and then apply for visa for traveling to other countries. Visa is nothing but a right given to a person who has applied to enter a country for which he has applied for. This is a document and it is provided by the official immigration service people and it consists of a stamp on the passport. In very few countries they do not require this visa for traveling, but in almost all countries they require visa for a person to travel and also that person can stay there only till there is validity mentioned in the visa.

Sometimes the details provided or given in USA embassy information may not be sufficient for a person to apply visa. He might have so much of doubts like whom to visit, where to go etc, in such cases there are few travel agents who will help you in getting visa on behalf of you. For this service you will have to pay him some amount as his service fee. But you will have to be careful with such travel agents because there are chances of fraudulent activities happening everywhere. But nowadays making use of USA embassy online details is more sufficient. Because all the updated details will be provided online and also the process will be perfect and simple rather going to local travel agents. The details provided in USA embassy information will be more prompt and also very user friendly.

USA embassy in Canada has its own privacy policy mentioned in the site. When you visit this site, there will be personal informations inquired about the visitor but still they save very few important details of users on an automatic system. The USA embassy in Canada site provides you all such informations that is required to travel to Canada or any other location. They collect such information from users to just know how much it is useful to visitors and also how they can improvise further on their site. provides USA embassy information onlineand free visa information for all countries and passport holders. Here you can also get complete list and information on USA Embassy in Canada with worldwide embassy details.

Do You Need A Canada Immigration Passport For Traveling To US?

If you are a Canadian citizen and have plans to visit the United States soon, organizing your travel documents is that the utmost important half of your preparations. If you’re not however knowledgeable regarding the travel documents needed for coming into into the US from Canada, then hopefully this article can provide you the mandatory data during this regard. Clearly, you are doing need a Canada Immigration Passport. There is however certain different details that you would like to know about the Canada Immigration Passport. Such details embrace when you wish it, and what are alternative extra requirements.. By having an intricate data of all this data, your trip to US will be a lot less complicated.

Your need for a Canada immigration passport is largely determined by your mode of travel. If you are traveling by air, then here is what you should take note of. A visa isn’t needed for Canadians who want to go to the United States by air. However, voters traveling by road are required to possess a Canada immigration passport. This demand was created effective starting last January twenty three, 2007. This was the time when the WHTI took effect. WHTI stands for Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. If you intend to enter the US by air however don’t have a sound passport, you can still enter but you have to present a NEXUS card.

If you are traveling by sea or land, then a Canada immigration passport isn’t required. This rule will modification but starting June 1, 2009. By then, whether or not you travel to the United States by water, land, or air, you’ll be required to present a Canada immigration passport. For currently though, all you wish may be a photo ID that has been issued by the Government of Canada. Samples of this include driver’s license, identity card, birth certificate and others. Together with the ID you also want to gift your birth certificate or your citizenship card. Although not needed, you’ll be able to still gift your valid Canada immigration passport if you do not have the photo ID, citizenship card, or birth certificate. A sound Canada immigration passport will still gain you entry into the US.

Canadian voters from 15 years old and below will not be required to gift a Canada immigration passport when traveling to the US. Minors can solely be needed to present proof of their citizenship. Conjointly, Canadian voters that are 18 years previous and younger could present proof of citizenship solely when traveling in a very cluster with an approved supervision of an adult. On the other hand, Canadian business visitors, investors and treaty traders, professionals and intra-company transferees are required to possess TN visas instead of a Canada immigration passport. The TN visa will permit them to work within the United States. A citizen of a rustic below NAFTA (North Yank Free Trade Agreement) will have a professional occupation abroad that’s underneath NAFTA, as long because the citizen applying for job within the foreign country meets the TN visa requirements. TN visas are valid for one year but are renewable indefinitely with yearly increments.

To summarize, the necessity for Canadians to travel to the US by air is only having a sound Canada immigration passport. But, if you think that your Canada immigration passport isn’t enough and you’re still unsure whether or not you may be granted entry, then go ahead and apply for a visa. Bear in mind there are different sorts of United States visas. Examples of the visa categories that are obligated to own a non-immigrant visa are Foreign Government Officials (A), NATO officers, and Staff and Officials of international organizations (G). Treaty traders (E-one), and Treaty investors (E-a pair of). Basically, any Canadian and non-Canadian citizen operating and visiting the United States is required to possess a non-immigrant visa as well. So, if you are a Canadian citizen trying to enter and work in the US, you will would like a TN visa, not simply a Canada Immigration passport.

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WHTI – Canadian Tourists Need Passports to Enter the US

On June 1st another chapter in the story of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden comes to fruition. The last part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) went into effect on June 1st and anyone coming from Canada to the U.S. by any transportation means will now need a passport. This final act will make the longest undefended border in the world a wall, the last spike of a slow and steady determination by the paranoid Bush administration to make Canada a completely foreign country after over a hundred-and-fifty years of peaceful crossings.

Border Slow Downs

For those of you who don’t understand what the problem is about needing a passport to get from Canada to the U.S. do not understand the amount of goods and services that flow between Canada and the U.S. And since 2001 the major border crossings have been like rush hour in any major city. The introduction of a passport will slow this down to a crawl as overzealous border guards grill more Canadians.

American Group Paranoia

This paranoid thinking about Canada is instilled in the American psyche. It persists because many American leaders, although they publicly deny it, still think that more than a few of the perpetrators of 9-11 came through Canada. And even though a public commission in 2004 announced that no terrorists of that awful day came through the Canadian-U.S. border many Americans, like John McCain, do not believe it. They see that the Canadian authorities have captured terrorists and so think that Canada is a training base for them. The reason they hear about it is that the Canadian law enforcement agencies have grabbed them before they became dangerously embedded.

Many Americans Do Not Embrace Passports

An estimated 70% of Americans do not hold passports. this includes those who take their RV’s into Canada or just drive or fly here for a holiday. They pump untold millions into the Canadian economy as do Canadians who cross the border to shop or weekend in the U.S. But passports take time and are not cheap. And those Americans who have never had one are not lining up to get them as they do not want the hassle. Instead they will go to the Grand Canyon or see Mount Rushmore again. And Canadians will go to the national parks, Niagara Falls or see Nova Scotia.

Passport Canada Drops the Ball at the Wrong Time

And just when you though it couldn’t get any worse Passport Canada suddenly stopped its online passport application site on April 30th. So now as the tourist season begins the slow mail-in process and lining up at the offices will be come common place.

Bad for U.S Tourism/Good for Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia and Canadian governments keep very good records of the economic activity of tourists. This is for a good reason. Tourism is a huge industry and a larger part of the Canadian GNP than tourism is on the U.S. economic scene. But as the U.S. goes through its first full summer in a recession they will see fewer people from Canada and this will hurt their theme parks and other sites. These are not only Canadian tourists who do not want to get a passport but those with expired passports who do not want to stand in line to pay $ 87 to get a new one.

Nova Scotia has been benefiting from Canadian tourists who are getting frustrated by the heavy-handed U.S. security procedures at the borders and in airports and are coming to Nova Scotia for their holidays.

But it will take hard figures to convince the American protectionists. And these will be coming when border traffic slows down.

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