Remarkable Changes that 2017 Would Bring to Your Passport

Be rest assured – your little blue book won’t change its color

Like every year, 2017 also brings lots of exciting travel news about new places inside and outside the country to explore. But to do so, you need a valid passport. And you should know how things would shake out for those little books.

Applications for passport are likely to rise

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Save Yourself From Flight Cancellation Hazards

People nowadays need to travel more than ever before. They need to travel for various reasons ranging from hard-core professional issues to fully customized family issues like travel or a visit to some other family member’s place. Now, with the increase in the amount of travel, the consequent traffic has also grown in number which has led to an increase in newer types of hazards in relation to travel. One of these hazards is definitely the increase in the number of cancelled flights which has been putting a lot of people under a lot of problems from various points of view. Continue reading

Beer Calendar: Oktoberfest, Big Beers Tix and Book Beers

Beer Calendar: Oktoberfest, Big Beers Tix and Book Beers
For the tour, participants can download a passport from the library district's website and then visit participating breweries, including 3 Freaks in Highlands Ranch, Barnett & Sons in Parker, Elk Mountain in Parker, Grist in Highlands Ranch, Hall …
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'Quite ridiculous': Al-Qaeda-connected man enters UK on Afghan passport
Bidit Dey: Absolutely, it's quite ridiculous, but I'm not entirely surprised with this development as the UK government hasn't shown enough ability and potential to apply some of their policies. There is a clear inconsistency and contradiction in what …
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The complete guide to getting Global Entry and TSA PreCheck
If you've been thinking about applying for any of the US government's expedited screening programs for frequent fliers—Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and the like—don't put it off any longer. The process is easier than you might … Global Entry: It's …
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Latest Usps Passport News

Killington adventure park to open by week's end
The objective of the maze is to hunt down the four checkpoints that spell out the word maze, mark them in a maze passport book and find the finish before everyone else. The ultimate prize: bragging rights. “The idea is to allow everyone, no matter age …
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ICE investigation, takedown of Liberian war criminal recounted in book

ICE investigation, takedown of Liberian war criminal recounted in book
When Chucky arrived in Miami, Florida, in March 2006, HSI special agents arrested him on the passport charge. Ultimately, however, he was investigated and charged with torture violations. “That's one of the significant … “I'm proud that ICE/HSI as an …
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Passport office: 4 more touts are out
P.S. Karthigeyan, Regional Passport Officer, said the menace dogs all passport offices in the State. “We have asked the jurisdictional police to crack down on touts…with the entire system online, touts have no advantage over ordinary applicants …
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Two US lawmakers urge India to take action against phone fraud
In these frauds, the criminals make it appear that they are calling from a government agency, bank, police department, credit card or technology company, pharmacy or hospital by having those numbers appear on the victim's phone. The scammers … Police …
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A collection of short book reviews on new releases

A collection of short book reviews on new releases
Close. ePaper · Subscribe · Subscriber Services · Contact Us · Mobile · Apps. Welcome! Login|Signup. Logout|My Dashboard …. latest in local business and development in our new business blog. Living. Living. Livewell Nebraska · Momaha · Celebrations …
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Nebraskans' wartime memories remembered in new book
Some were harrowing wartime memories repressed for decades. Some wartime accounts had never been shared with family members. Each story was heartfelt. Thank you for reading and relying on for your news and information. You have now …
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2nd District House candidate Brad Ashford: 4 days a week in D.C. aren't enough
Ashford said Monday that the culture in Congress needs to change. One way to do it, he said, would be for members of Congress to spend more time together, working and debating the issues of the day. Thank you for reading and relying on for …
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Chicago Activists Call Paul Ryan Out For 'Flip-Flopping' On Immigration (VIDEO)

Chicago Activists Call Paul Ryan Out For 'Flip-Flopping' On Immigration (VIDEO)
Ryan — whom Romney tapped to run alongside him as vice president in the 2012 election — was in town to talk about his new book, "The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea." Romney was there to interview Ryan, a potential 2016 presidential … Of …
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